DDP image of a protected CD?

Ok! at first this is my first post & I am not sure if it’s a right forum to ask my question in, but I expect some help. I work for a company that masters VDC and DVD titles for our clients. Lately, one of our clients asked if we could implement some copy protection scheme on their titles(VCD in this case). After refering to docs. available on the internet I managed to impliment a lean copy protection on the VCD. I tested the same buring the cue/bin on a CDR and it worked as expected.

The problem arises when we try to replicate the master CD. The master CD fails read during the stampering process(for obvious reasons, which i thought of later :p). Assuming that if we can burn, we can also replicate from the same image, we decied to give the CD in an image format to the replication company. However the replication company told us that they can only work with either the original master or a DDP image.

Till date our replicator had been handleing DVD protections and we have little exp. with ddp images or DLTs for protection. So we decided to work with a trial of Gear PRO ME to create ddp filesets. However, it stops in the middle of the process as it encounters the protection(I guess) a does not complete the task. My questions:

  1. Can the stampers be only made from a ddp image or the master CD or is the replication company not willing to work with cue/bin file.

  2. If the above is true then is a there a way i can make a ddp image with protection intact in it.

  3. If not 2, could I be told a way to create a stamper from a cue.bin or any other image file( if it is possible ) so that i can provide info to the replication company.

For this purpose, we are willing to buy the software(GEAR PRO ME) costing over $700 only if it is worth it.

thanks for any help extended.


Hi and welcome ironclad.

It is true that the normal way to send your data for replication is by using a DDP file set or a playable (readable) CD or DVD disc. With the playable disc method, many replicators will first use special software to read that disc to a DDP file set. Then they do the actual mastering from the DDP files. Very few replicators have the ability to convert from ISO, Bin/Cue, etc… to DDP.

To answer your 2nd question, yes it is possible to have a DDP image that has copy protection. The Sony SecuRom and other copy protections are done by adding the protection to the actual DDP image itself.

For number 3, as I mention above their are very few replicators that have the ability to convert your current image into a DDP file set which is what they need for glass mastering.