DD401248 - Seamless link limits write speed?

I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Data 48x40x12 and I’m running the bundled Nero on Windows XP.

I could write at 40x with the CDR that came with the burner, but my Kodak Gold CDRs are only 12x, and Nero doesn’t give an option higher than 16x for them. I’d like to try to override that speed restriction and see what happens, but Nero won’t let me. My friend has a Lite-On with the same speed specs as my burner, and he burns Kodak Golds at 40x.

The buffer underrun protection is “Seamless link” and Nero won’t let me uncheck the Seamless link box; It is greyed out.

Does anyone know:

  1. Any other software that would let me try to burn these 12x CDRs at higher speeds.
  2. How to get Nero to allow a higher burn speed than the media supposedly allows?
    3)How to uncheck the Seamless link box in Nero if it is greyed out.

Any help would be gratefully received :slight_smile: