DD0401 Problem with dvd media


I recently bought a I/O Magic DVD±RW/R drive which I believe is a repackaged Optorite DD0401.

The drive refuses to recognize Sony DVD-R’s but burns Memorex DVD+R’s fine. I also noticed on the front of the drive, it says “DVD+ReWritable” and doesn’t say anything about DVD-R compatibility.

I’m afraid that my drive is only compatible with DVD+R/RW discs although the box and Nero InfoTools says it is dual format.

I appreciate any insight into my situation.


You can easily tell if the drive is DVD-R compatible–by the logo on the front. If it doesn’t have the regular DVD logo in the center of the tray with disc drawing below it and R/RW written below, but just has the RW in a square box with the words DVD+ReWritable under it, then it’s not DVD-R compatible.

See, the DVD with the disc below it is a trademark of the DVD-R consortium and drives that don’t have that logo haven’t had copyright royalties paid to this group for the DVD-R technology–the are only authorized to write DVD+R.

But it’s not big deal–in fact DVD+R is a NEWER and better format, and it’s 87% compatible with set-top players. The DVD-R is maybe 92% compatible–not much more. DVD+R has better error correction capabilities as well. Just get DVD+R media and sell your DVD-R on eBay…