DD0401 Firm Upgrade issues, plz help

i went to the optorite website and downloaded the firmware upgrade for the DD0401, the zip file “120E.zip” and all it has is a 120E.exe inside. When i run it and hit ok it says “can’t update. please check bin file”. I did not get a bin file in my zip… so what do i do? I heard the drive sucks without the firm upgrade so if it isnt going to work i guess i will return it…

Goto www.Accesstek.com

They make the drive and have the firmware & exe needed

Did your drive come in a retail Optorite box?

No, I bought the drive from Best Buy in the USA under the brand name Digital Research Tech. Which i believe is also IO Magic. I had issues with the drive not working correctly. DRT pointed me to the optorite site also, but the zip file oly had a EXE. After looking around I found that AccessTek is the real manufacture of the drive and they had the firmeware program with the firmware bin to update the drive.