DD0401 DVD+-R/RW problem with media


I recently bought a I/O Magic DVD±RW/R drive which I believe is a repackaged Optorite DD0401.

The drive refuses to recognize Sony DVD-R’s but burns Memorex DVD+R’s fine. I also noticed on the front of the drive, it says “DVD+ReWritable” and doesn’t say anything about DVD-R compatibility.

I’m afraid that my drive is only compatible with DVD+R/RW discs although the box and Nero InfoTools says it is dual format.

I appreciate any insight into my situation.


Make sure your firmware is upto date. Media and it’s compatibility will all drives is crucial. In my experience the Arita 4x +R discs are the safest buy compatibility wise with all drives, they usually come up as manufacturered by Ritek or Ricoh I believe.