DD0401 DVD+-R/RW media problem


I recently bought a I/O Magic DVD±RW/R drive which I believe is a repackaged Optorite DD0401.

The drive refuses to recognize Sony DVD-R’s but burns Memorex DVD+R’s fine. I also noticed on the front of the drive, it says “DVD+ReWritable” and doesn’t say anything about DVD-R compatibility.

I’m afraid that my drive is only compatible with DVD+R/RW discs although the box and Nero InfoTools says it is dual format.

I appreciate any insight into my situation.


Are you able to give us the drive name reported by nero info tool as well as the firmware version?

Nero InfoTool says the drive is Generic, but I checked the top on the drive and there is a label that reads DD0401. The drive came with firmware version 120E but I updated it to 130i.

You may wish to try other DVD-R media as it should work with DVD-R/RW media as well. Maybe it do not support sony media?

Thanks for your help.
I tried Maxell DVD-R’s and it works fine with them.
The Maxell DVD-R packaging says “made in Japan” on it. Is this a good brand, or is it a cheap? Using Nero InfoTool I couldn’t get the manufacturer name of the DVD-R’s.

Maxell that is made in Japan is GREAT, one of the best media types you could get.

If the price is ok, definitively pick up more of these :wink: