DD-A110 hiss noise distortion after 1 hour



I bought a new DD-A110 from Tescos (UK) and recorded 1 disk without any problems (from VCR).

Last night I recorded “league of extraordinary gentlemen (Film4)” from my freeview box (Sony FreeView via scart) and it worked perfectly for 1 hour, then the sound went and was replaced with a white noise type hiss for the rest of the recording.

The picture remained perfect. I’m using DVD-R disks.

Any ideas what this is? I’ve yet to apply a firmware upgrade.

thanks for any input.



I’ve just phoned tesco’s tech helpline 08456004411 and got some very helpful advice.
It could be that the signal on my Freeview box was interrupted and this caused the sound to glitch half way through my recording.
This holds some water, as I’ve already recorded a full length video (from VCR scart) and we have a week’ish signal in our area.
I’ve been advise to try a TV recording, which I’ll try tonight (via RF input).


Sweet when a member can answer their oun question :slight_smile:


OK, I recorded TV (via rf) last night for 2 hours on to a -RW and it was fine, I then scrubbed this and taped “48 Hours Later” from film4 (Freeview via Scart) and this was fine too (well, fine as in ‘brilliant’ compared to my old Sony VCR).

Looks like a freeview glitch on the reception screwed the sound on recording from the previous nite.

I’ll keep an eye on this and update, in case any other DD-A110 come across this.

  • Nice player for the money. Pity about the Macrovision though, as I’d hoped to be able to dump all my old pre-recorded tapes.



My son just gave me a DD-A100GX. I know it’s probably not the same as an A110, but I found the issue in the FORUM due to the white noise HISS problem. I have experienced the same problem with my A100.

The point at which it starts is not consistent. Recorded a 2-hour TV movie and the HISS started at about 37 minutes into the movie (bummer). Tried another 1-hour show a day or so later and got 55 minutes of good sound before the HISS started. Oh my, missing the last 5 minutes of a program…my wife was not a happy camper.

Thinking it might be the source, I tried to record from a VCR TAPE (front connectors), and the same thing happened between the 2 and 3 hour point.

Tried again on the rear connectors and the HISS came again (I forget the amount of time before it started).

Seems after a certain length of time, the normal audio will die and the HISS will begin. In fact, I don’t have to be in RECORD mode for this to occur.

I can either change the SOURCE or RESET the unit to get it to stop and return to normal.

Any tips from those of you doing this for awhile? A “lemon” unit maybe?

I’ve e-mailed my son, but he hasn’t responded yet so I thought I’d ask you folks.

Thanks for reading thru this.

–Norm in Texas


Hi Norm, I haven’t had this problem since, and we watch alot of videos through the scart input on the DVD player (I’ve unhooked the VCR to TV line).
But yeah, your problem is exactly what happended to me.
Try the TV input, with a regular antenna input, see if that works.

I think the GX is the same as a A110 only it plays DivX videos.