Dd-a100x "write fail"

I tried recording a 133m movie for the first time with my new DD-A100X last night. I inserted a Traxdata (RiTek) 2.4x DL, which it then spent a few minutes “preparing”. When it finished, it reported around 3hr 46m 25s free.

I watched/recorded the movie. At about the two hour mark, there was quite a bit of rattling, as it presumably switched over to the second layer. But it seemed to carry on quite happily. When the movie finished, about 10m later, I pressed stop. Shortly afterwards WRITE FAIL appeared at the top of the screen.

None of the remote buttons would then work, or those on the box itself. I had to unplug it to get control back. It then refused to recognise the disc.

I’ve sent an email to LiteOn support already, but has anyone else come across this problem? Or can anyone suggest anything?

I’ve tried flashing the firmware to LNQGE029.DA0 on both CD-RW and CD-R discs, but it doesn’t recognise either. LiteOn’s instructions about burning an ISO disc are nonsense.

I’m guessing LiteOn will suggest trying different brands. I could try Verbatim, I guess. (It writes to TDK DVD+RW SL just fine, btw).

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From what I can see, it may be an issue with the brand of media as it is still quite common to see even certain PC drives fail while writing some brands of DVD+R DL media. Unfortunately, it looks like the disc is ruined. My only suggestion would be to try a different brand, particularly if your DVD recorder has no issue writing single layer DVD media.

To upgrade the firmware on your drive, you will need to get firmware where first five letters of your firmware match the first five letters of your drive’s existing firmware. Have a look at the side or rear of the drive to see what firmware you drive comes shipped with. If you still have difficulty finding the proper flash, post the firmware version marked on the drive’s information plate here and I’ll see if I can find a matching firmware update. :wink:

Thanks for the reply!

It could indeed be a problem with the Traxdata discs. They work fine in my LG GSA-4167B in my SN25P. I’ve tried recording a few more movies with the DD-A100X, with limited success. Some of the DL recordings seemed to work OK, but I’ve had the “Write Fail” error at least once more.

One time, I thought I’d got another coaster, because it was stuck in finalizing at 92% for 20-30m or so. But it eventually came back! That’s the longest it’s been, but it usually takes quite a long time to finalize DL discs. Strangely, the longest one, at 3h30m, finalized pretty quickly. The ones that are just over the 120m “barrier” seem to take longer.

I tried verifying the 3h30m one this afternoon, by copying the VOBs from the LG drive to HDD. It failed with a read error, even though fast-forwarding on the LiteOn recorder looked OK.

Burning to TDK SL’s seems fine, although I’ve yet to verify them.

I think I’m going to have to try some Verbatim DL discs. They’re only cost a bit more than the Traxdatas (in a spindle). The Verbatim process - at least for SL discs, I’m not sure about DL - is supposed to use different chemicals and/or processes to most other discs. I would try my favourite brand of TDK DL’s, but they’re still ridiculously expensive, at twice the price of the other two.

I’ve got the correct firmware for the DD-A100X, direct from LiteOn’s support pages - LNQGE029.DA0 - but I’m damned if I can figure out how to burn it. Their instructions don’t make sense about creating an ISO disc with it. I have the latest version of Nero Express (not the older one they use), and I know what ISO files are and how to burn them. (I’ve just burned the Vista RC1 x64 & x86 ISO’s today.)

I’ve tried two CD-Rs and a CD-RW, with a copy of the LNQGE029.DA0 file on them, but the recorder doesn’t recognise any of them. Why LiteOn don’t just supply an ISO file themselves, I don’t know.

It’s still early days yet, though. I’m pleased I can record to DVD-R again, having had my second Panasonic recorder fail. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure about the LiteOn’s DL recording capabilities - the limited [on-line] documentation available is ambiguous, intimating only DL playback. But it would be nice to have a guaranteed recording every time. 8)

Hmm, to me it looks to me that your Lite-on model may still have originated from a different country. This is most likely the case if you bought it from an online store. For example, I have encountered a few in the UK with an LVW-1105HC+ who had to install firmware for German models as it was the only firmware where the letters matched up and that the Lite-On accepted. Once the firmware was installed, the menus would appear in German until ‘English’ was selected from the language menu.

Basically, you write the firmware to CD-R or CD-RW in the same way as you would go about writing files (documents, photos, zip files, etc.) to CD - Just extract it from its zip archive first. When you pop in the disc in your Lite-On, it should display a message asking if you wish to update the firmware. If you get ‘Data Disc’, then the firmware update is not supported by your Lite-On, i.e. you need to try a firmware update from a different European country. Another option worth trying is download the firmware updates for all the european countries, extract the Zip archives and place these all together on a CD-RW. I haven’t tried this, but if the Lite-On does scan the directory listing on the disc for the matching firmware, one of these should match. :wink:

I did buy it on-line (from a UK supplier). Everything was set to English & UK out of the box.

I tried doing what you said, about putting more than one firmware (English and German) on the CD-RW. It didn’t work. I then re-read LiteOn’s instructions, and they definitely state a CD-R should be used - with no mention of CD-RWs.

I was a little wary of wasting a 3rd CD-R, but as LiteOn had release new firmware only last week (LNQGE032.DA1, dated Sep 12), I thought I’d have one last go.

I’m pleased to say, it finally worked! The third block in the serial number changed from 0029 to 0032, to match the firmware filename. Maybe it didn’t work before because the firmware number (29) matched with the existing serial number. (But it would have been nice to have an on-screen message saying so!)

I’ll see if it behaves any better at recording to the Traxdata DL discs this week and get back to the group. Thanks again for the help. 8)