DD-A100X divx problems


I just purchased one of these recorders. Im having some problems with the divx playback on the unit, picture is ok but audio is generally a second out of sync, the avis themselves are fine and play perfectly on my yamada player and on the PC.

Ive upgraded to the latest firmware 0032.

Does this player support packed bitstream nvops? or should i use mpeg4modifier to unpack the bitstream in order to play on this unit?

Anyone else have problems/success playing divx/xvid tv eps on this?

Also is there a file browser on this unit so i can just see a list of multiple avis on one disc and select one to watch? the only way i can see whats what is to start playing the first file then put the navi on and info and then flick through each one until i see the filename i want… bit annoying really

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

JUST GOT A DD- 100A but every divx that i have played goes out of sync and i dont mean by a little can get to a couple of seconds out … so im still having to convert them to play as a proper dvd … one of the reasons that i brought this machine is for the divx playback … bit of a waste of time

Email LiteON make sure they know about this problem so they can fix it in the next firmware release. This problem occured in the 5115GHC+ as well with firmware 019 and later with Xvid files it seems 018 played them in sync where as 019 and played them slow but in sync and 030 played the audio and video out of sync.

i have a similar problem. I am playing divx but the picture is like taking breaks between frames, and the sound keeps on flowing perfectly. I e-mailed Liteon and they e-mailed me back telling me to first try and upgrade to the latest firmware and try again. i will do so and e-mail them back with an answer i will keep you informed also.


It is nice to see that I am no the only one having DivX issues with my new DD-A100X. Like you, I am also seeing the audio and video a lot out of sync playing DivX files that I know are ok on other devices.
I tried e-mailing LiteOn and have not had any response whatsoever.
Does anyone have the e-mail address for tech support ?
I downloaded the latest Firmware and am about to upgrade but I doubt this will fix my problem as you seem to have done this already.
Any contact details for Liteon would be greatly appreciated.

I just upgraded the Player to version 0034. My DivX files are now playing correctly.
I wouldn’t say it was 100% but much better than before. Audio and video are in sync.

sean_early@liteon.com <sean_early@liteon.com> Try this

anybody knows the file browser solution to that player? Really annoying if you have 10+ files on a disc…

Thanks a lot,