DD-A100GX +R disks can't be read

Hello, I recently purchased the A100GX and have been running if with satisfaction until recently. I have been recording some shows for my 3 year old (Between the Lions if you are curious). The media is DVD+R DL. The player shows the thumbnails fine and plays them. However, when I try and play them in a regular player, it does not recognize the disk.

A friend told me to finalize the DVD, but I’ll be danged if I can find that option in the menus anywhere.

Please help.



Page 6 of the LiteOn Manual states for Playback, the LiteOn will recognize and play the disk type you are using. [B]It is doing that[/B].

The other [B][U]“regular player”[/U][/B] is your problem. Look up the other [B][U]“regular player”[/U][/B] you are using to find [U]what[/U] [U]disks[/U] [U][B]must[/B][/U] [U]you[/U] [U]have[/U]
in order for [U]it[/U] to be recognized. It may be [B]-r[/B], or [B]certain[/B] [B]speeds[/B]
or [B][U]other[/U] [U]specified[/U] [U]requirements[/U][/B] which yours do not recognize.
Pepos …