DD-A100GX - How do I find the model number of the burner?


I’ve got a DD-A100GX and would like to know what model the burner is…without taking it apart.

I’ve looked at every surface of the exterior and can’t even find an FCC ID number, only random numbers/codes that probably are useless to everyone except LiteOn.

Is there a way to identify the drive based on the product serial number or firmware or…?

For reference, this is the available info on my unit:

Model: DD-A100GX (3902205168)
P/N (on machine): 7819502424-A
S/N (on set-up screen): 0180-1142-0030-BC59 (1U15-0101)
S/N (on machine): 002633608322
Mfr Date: August 2006
Firmware: LNQAU030*1 D: BC59

And, just to be super-extra-over-excited, here are the full specs on the machine:

General Power Supply • AC 100~120V 60Hz
Power Consumption • Approx. 36W (operation)
Operating Temperature • +5°C to +40°C (+36°F to +104°F)
Operating Humidity • 5% to 80% RH
Dimensions (W/H/D) • 280 x 52 x 250 mm
Net Weight • Approx. 2 kg
(Front Panel)
(Rear Panel)
RF Input • Coaxial x 1
RF Output • Coaxial x 1
Video Input • Cinch (yellow) x 1
Video Output • Cinch (yellow) x 1
Audio L/R Input • Cinch (white/red) x 1
Audio L/R Output • Cinch (white/red) x 1
Component Video Output • Y/Pb/Pr (green/blue/red) x 1
Progressive Scan Output: 480p output
Tuner TV Format • NTSC

Video Performance
DA Converter • 10-bit/27MHz
Composite Video Output • 1 Vpp 75 Ohm
Component Video Output • Y: 1 Vpp 75 Ohm
• Pb: 0.7 Vpp 75 Ohm
• Pr: 0.7 Vpp 75 Ohm

Video Recording Format
DVD+VR (HQ/SP/LP/EP mode) • MPEG 2
DVD+VR (SLP mode) • MPEG 1

Video Recording Mode
4.7 GB Recordable & Rewritable DVD
HQ (High Quality) • 1 hour
SP (Standard Play) • 2 hours
LP (Long Play) • 3 hours
EP (Extended Play) • 4 hours
SLP (Super Long Play) • 6 hours
Just Fit** • Variable

8.5 GB Double-Layer Recordable DVD*
HQ (High Quality) • 114 minutes
SP (Standard Play) • 224 minutes
LP (Long Play) • 332 minutes
EP (Extended Play) • 443 minutes
SLP (Super Long Play) • 665 minutes
Just Fit** • Variable

Audio Performance
DA Converter • 24-bit/96KHZ
AD Converter • 24-bit/96KHZ
Signal-Noise (1kHz) • ≥90dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz) • ≥80dB
Channel Separation (1kHz) • ≥110dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (1kHz) • ≤-65dB

Audio Recording Format
DVD+VR (HQ/SP/LP/EP/SLP mode) • Dolby Digital 2-channel

Audio Format Supported - Playback
Playable Formats
• MP3
• WMA (protected WMA and WMA lossless are not supported)
• Dolby Digital 2-channel
• Dolby Digital 5.1 channel (digital out only)

Disc Types Supported Playback
• DVD-Video
• DVD+R Double Layer*
• Video CD (VCD)
• Super Video CD (SVCD)
• Audio CD

• DVD-R/-RW*
• DVD+R Double Layer*

The BC59 is the firmware version for the burner but not model number which should be on the top of the drive itself. I assume you do not want to open the case due to some type a seal (over a case screw).

are the DD-A100GX and DD-A110G the same?

Doing a search at the FCC website for Lite-On gave FCC codes of:


Does that help?