Dcube Mvision - play HD content without a HD disc player?

If I can hook up a wireless router to the LAN port & stream video from my main computer, SIGN ME UP! I wonder how much HD space it has, or if that’s something you can add yourself, or replace, if the included HD isn’t big enough. I think I’ll hold off on that HD TIVO now…:slight_smile:

I just posted the article Dcube Mvision - play HD content without a HD disc player?.

 Surfing on  the web today I found an interesting article at Gizmodo, showing  a device that allows the playback of HD contents without a Hi Definition player.
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Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12575-Dcube-Mvision---play-HD-content-without-a-HD-disc-player.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12575-Dcube-Mvision---play-HD-content-without-a-HD-disc-player.html)

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People are already saving on HD HDTV broadcasts in the TS stream format and compressing it with x264 codec. This way they can reduce the original 10-20 GB TS files into 4.3 GB or 8.5 GB files that can be burned on a single DVDR without a visible loss of quality. And you don’t need blue laser to play it This reminds DVD -> Divx compression that was introduced about 7 years ago.

“This reminds DVD -> Divx compression that was introduced about 7 years ago.”-Divx Now Does Full 1080P Compression(And pretty good too.):slight_smile:

Divx labs always said they could take an HD movie and compress it using there codec so that it fitted onto a standard dual layer DVD. And its true, theres lots of HD movies on usenet and such and it does do a good job of compressing them. I’ve already watched for instance Spy Games on my DVD, then rewatched it as an HD version from the net and there is a noticable difference. Maybe a legal distribution method of this would be a better idea than all this blu-ray/HD-DVD crap.

I’m missing how this device is different from a HTPC I already have hooked to my HDTV. The problem isn’t the playback device, it’s CONTENT! If I have to download HD Divx movies from the Internet, why would I buy this thing?

The involving of bit torrent is a BIG PART of this prize. I have, from 2004 when HD content was being prepared, I have Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring in 720P. This however is not in divx format or H.264 format. This is in a Transport Stream which is High Definition Mpeg. The movie is in 4 parts burnable to disc and around 16 GBs total. The TS stream is upon which you can record to hard drive (live pvr) from terrestrial Antennas. If this will bypass ts streams I would buy it until then I will not and stick to my all-in-wonder 9800 pro, Xp codec pack, windows media player classic and shoot my HD movies to my tv upon which I record.

Portable players with built-in HDD, LAN, etc. that can play 1920*1080p video files have been available for years. Hardly new or innovative at all. But then the product is made in South Korea and the news was first posted on a South Korean news site. It was displayed at KES 2006. The original English news article is here: http://aving.net/usa/news/default.asp?mode=read&c_num=27104&c_code=02&sp_code=35&btb_num=6391 written by Kim Hye Young. Dcube Mvision is not the first to market such products. Dvico is one of the leaders there.

And there’s Microsoft. Microsoft first commercialized the idea on a massive scale. HD 1080p on DVD is what they call “HD DVD” WMV discs. I believe some people at least in the US buy those from the Microsoft’s website. In South Korea, HD 1920*1080 in either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 has been widely created and consumed even in 2002, four years ago, partly thanks to the Worldcup 2002 co-held in Japan and South Korea. Not all HD contents in WMV or DivX distributed on the net are illegal.