DCR-SR100: MPEG2 editing problem! HELP, please!

Hi there,

I got camcorder Sony dcr-sr100. I need to edit mpeg2 files created by that camera. After a hassle with no windows support for that “particular mpeg2” files I bought Sony Vegas Movie studio which suppose to edit it nicely. After installation onto my work computer, everything went well and I happily started to enjoy editing…

Problem. I did the same on my home laptop and apparently the horizontal interlacing strongly appeared on each file. Friend of mine suggested reinstalling everything on the laptop (like formatting drive, installing OS etc) since he recons that there is some conflict between software. But I don’t want to do it. I installed and reinstalled different mpeg2 codecs. I made a fortune to search on the internet – no answer. So I got two questions:

  1. Why the hell the same file on two different computers shows horizontal interlacing on one computer? Clearly it is a codec problem
  2. What to do about it?

I really need your help, please.

Regards, Grigory.

If you are going to watch your output on a TV, don’t worry about the interlacing.

The reason why interlacing may show on one computer vs another… the playback app you are using may do an automatic deinterlace during playback.

Thank you. But the reason was to watch it on computer, not on tv. That is the first thing and the second thing is how I can change it, i.e. how to tell playback application not to deinterlace it automatically. Because it is really irritating to see how the perfect picture becomes really bad. Plus I am a bit confused. I am using the same playback application, i.e. the same Vegas mentioned earlier and on one computer it is fine, on another not. In both cases installed from the scratch.

So, could anybody help, please???

In the nutshell - how to solve the problem with horizontal interlacing for MPEG2 files created by Sony Dcr-sr100?

Since there is no answer from video experts :sad: , I installed K-Lite package, which helped :slight_smile: . If somebody got that problem, hope it will help.

Honestly I am surprised :a . You, people, cannot answer to the simple practical question!