DCC Gold Cd



I just purchased Jackson Browne - The Pretender on DCC Gold Cd. I paid a lot of money for it and would like to preserve the original by making a copy an using that instead. When making a copy is it okay to use a regular cd or should I buy a 24K Gold Cd-R to get the same sound quality as the original?


The type of cd will not affect the quality of the sound.

If it doesn’t burn correctly you might get some bad playback issues (skips, pauses), and poor quality disks might not last as long as good ones.

I would suggest using Taiyo Yuden cds and burning them at 16x for music. If you are in the US you can find TY cds at online sites like rima.com or supermediastore.com. Amazon.com also carries them. They only sell them in 100 ct cakeboxes though, as I recall.


The primary reason for the sound quality is the mastering done by Steve Hoffman, not the Gold CD…Use EAC and quality CD media and you’ll be just fine…


Thanks for all your help.


You should read some on setting up EAC so you get the best job it will do.
I would use .wav for the rip.Many also get good results with FLAC if they set EAC up to use it.Just don’t rip to .mp3 for making the backup copy anyway.
There used to be a guide on the internet that was good for EAC but it has disappeared.
I have a copy in .pdf but they are too large to post as .pdf attachment.
I might post them as a guide here at myce they do not appear to be copyrighted .
If you have any problems you might want to download AnyDVD before this rip if you haven’t used its’ trial.Have it on during the rip to make sure copy protection is removed.