DC Riaa risk?


I’ve been using DC for a while a couple of years ago with good speeds, but stopped when Riaa started suing people left and right. However, I have yet to find a good safe alternative. How “safe” is DC? Did they add any new features to hide the persons identity or anything? I’m guessing on no.

Are you uploading or can the person see the IP’s that are downloading off them? If so, then you aren’t safe. Since DC is well known I doubt it’s safe.

www.napster.com and www.tunebite.com are your friends :slight_smile: That’s what I use and I cannot be caught since it’s legal.

Off course you could always never SHARE any copyrighted material therefore they will never catch you.

Napster’s selection sucks. They hardly have anything I listen to. You can’t not share on DC…

You can just move the files out of the shared directory once they’re done downloading.

Nobody can bust you for sharing an incomplete file. :slight_smile:

Share but dont share copyrighted material. In my DC share folder I have various Linux Distros, Freeware Software, Game Demos etc etc.

Visit mp3.com, and look up the artists you like. They’ll tell you what legal music download sites carry their music.

you could also use proxy servers to connect through which will definately make it harder to trace you…

Now thats an Idea I never really though of :slight_smile: