DC power



My JVC GZ-HD40 stopped working on battery power, my battery is fully charged but the camera wont turn on I works perfectly if plugged into DC power outlet.
Can anyone help


It could be that the terminals are not making good contact.
I would take the battery to an electronic or computer shop where they can test it under load. These batteries may show full charge, but when loaded the voltage will drop, especially if it was charged many times.


I’ve had this issue with a similar JVC camera, where the battery was working fine and then the camera would no longer operate expect when plugged in. In my case it was a defective battery that died prematurely just three months after purchase, but when I sent it off under warranty for replacement, the new one worked fine.

As above, just in case the terminals are at fault, check that the battery electrical contacts are shiny. Otherwise, lightly scrape them with a small screwdriver.