dBpowerAMP R12 Reference - Faster & More Secure then EAC



I have submitted it to the news section, but it has not been published on the front page and I cant believe no one is talking about it in the forums. The latest version of dBpowerAMP R12 Reference now includes Ultra-Secure Ripping that outperforms EAC! In addition it supports multiple artist tags, and gets meta-data, including album art, from AMG.



thanks for the info , but i wonder how did you get to the conclusion it outforms eac?


A good way to find out is to give it a try. :slight_smile:


using it on ~75 discs that I could not accurately rip with EAC that dbpoweramp was able to rip accurately. I have not yet had a single disc R12 could not rip that EAC could - except HTOA, which R12 does not support :frowning:


Some interesting possible future developments here:


Looks like bin/cue and HTOA are not to far off.


This post caught my attention, so I looked around illustrate’s site and found this:


Apologies if this has already been posted, I did a search for: dbpoweramp - eac - accurate, but didn’t find the link anywhere. They both seem to be exceptional rippers. Gave them both a try on an old, scratched Aerosmith CD (Toys in the Attic) and they both did a great job.


Yes, EAC is still a great ripper, but dBpowerAMP’s ease of use and rich features and performance are much better. Just waiting for HTOA support and CUE sheets.