dBpoweramp doubles up mp3 album from a batch convert from source flac album



I ran a batch convert of an album ripped in flac to mp3, but the songs get doubled up; if there is an album with 10 songs the batch converter creates 20, or 2 slightly different versions of each song. Why is it doing this? syncing to my ipod id tricky enough, I need the batch converted files to be clean.

Also, when I make a batch convert to mp3, I want the albums to have the same artist for all the songs. When I have an album by mostly one artist, with a featured artist on some songs, I have found that the album covers will multiply in the cover flow of my ipod, if the artist & album is not the same through out. Ie; if an album by John Doe with 10 songs are by him, then maybe 2 songs are by John Doe with a featured guest, my ipod will split this album up into 2 albums, one by John Doe, & the others with the featured guest.