Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80

I recently purchased a dazzle DVC80 from ebay. It arrived without the serial #.
Does anyone know what video editing software will work with this?
Or where can I get the serial # to get into the disk with software titles; Movie Star 5, DVD complete and OnDVD?

Let me know if you have any ideas.



If it arrived without the serial number, sounds like you either got had-over or better e-mail them fast while they still remember you, to get what you paid for in full, incl the serial number.

Even if you could prove you legitimately bought the game, took a picture of the original cd with you holding it, beyond a doubt, our/us(CDFreaks) providing you with a serial number would endnager the site to being shut down and open many doorways we are so hard trying to avoid.

Sorry, but I feel this matter is a closed case.:cop:

With a proof of purchase you can try the original manufacturer of the software, but on this forum you will not get help on this, sorry.

Thread closed.