Dazzle dazzle does everything but

I have dazzle, the video capture thing. I purchased this piece of junk many moons ago, what a sad day.

Anyway, since then i have lost (or maybe subconsciously destroyed) the software installation cd. SO i was wondering if there any video editing programs that recognize Dazzle? Or is there anywhere I can get the orginal software? I can get the driver from driverguide.com, but without a program that recognizes it, its pretty useless.

Thanks for any help!

I hear ya man. I had one and it looked like a pretty sweet little unit. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! The only thing decent about it was the DVD Complete Software which was actually a pretty good program. But the Moviemaker software and the hardware that wasn’t compatible with any other software was a friggin’ joke. Also I loved how the software forced you to stick with FAT32 even if you had an NTFS format HD. Then you had to use the shitty render feature to put it back together and the results were a bad joke at best (detached audio, jumpy picture). The only thing good about it is that I saved some out of print Asterix Animations from being destroyed (transfered tapes that were begining to fall apart to DVD), they were under the limitation so they turned out great. Everything else was worthless. I ditched the unit but I believe I still have the software somewhere around here.