Daylight savings time patch for older Windows versions?

Has anybody seen the daylight savings time fix (TZEdit) for OS before Windows 2000? FYI has instructions plus download link for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, but I find no link for Win Me and earlier versions. For any who don’t know just changing time manually in Windows may cause problems. Initially I just changed time manually resulting in a program continuing to display standard time, and it reset PC to standard time too each time the program was started.

Can you just set it to check atomic clock/time server?

I was under the impression that tzedit.exe was working for all windows versions.

I see no option to set it to check atomic clock/time server. The only way to fix it which I’m aware of is through the patch which changes it in the registry, and I don’t see how TZEdit would work in older Windows because there are no instructions for them at the link plus the Win 2K and Win XP instructions are different.

Just found fix at for any others needing a fix for Win 98/Me.

There is a free program called Atomic Clock that automatically connects and sets you clock when you boot or if you keep computer on all the time, you can click on it and update, I also think you can schedule times for it to connect and set. Google atomic clock and pick one you like.


Here is the one that I use and it is free.