Day Of The Dead Error

I bought day of the dead and kept getting reading error’s when I tried
to back it up. I was then after a few tries able to back up the movie only.
Did anyone else have trouble with this title. I used the new version of
dvdfab gold.

Hi zap,

Please post “DVD Info” in “Settings” window.

Best Regards,

nfo for drive [H:] (DVDFab Gold

Disc type: Video DVD
Disc region: 1
Volume name: DAY_OF_THE_DEAD
Video standard: NTSC

CSS (Content Scramble System) protection is removed!
RC (Region Code) protection is removed!
RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is not found.
APS (Analog Protection System) protection is not found.
UOPs (User Operation Prohobitions) protection is removed!

Invalid PTTs protection is not found.
Invalid PGCIs protection is not found.
Invalid PGCs protection is not found.
Invalid TMAPs protection is not found.
Invalid CELLs protection is not found.
Invalid VOBUs protection is not found.
Fake vts protection is not found!
Bad sector protection is not found!
Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is not found.

PathPlayer is enabled!
Unplayable cell is not found.

This movie has nothing special in it I got a movie only copy with fab gold but could not get a full disc copy, I ran into errors and its no wonder why scanned with VSO inspector shows so far .04% bad disc and it just started.

This movie took forever to get a copy of it these discs seem to be bad source discs therefore I would say its not a DVDFAB problem but rather bad quality of the disc the movie was put on…:Z:Z

Hi zap,

As xorsists said, I think it’s a bad media problem, please exchange a new one to see the result.

Best Regards,