Day after Tomorrow Size

I am trying to copy the day after tomorrow, and I see the size for just the movie means it needs to compress the movie. For the 4 English Audio Tracks, and the subtitle with the 2 hour movie alone it needs 68% compression. Is that accurate for a standard DVD-R. Widescreen Version.

Do you really need all 4 Audio tracks?? I usually just pick the first 1 or 2 English ones and rarely copy the directors comments. Do the same with Subtitle…just copy the language you desire. The less crap you keep, the better the quality of the transcoded movie. If you desire perfect quality with all the extra stuff, use a Double-Layer DVD+R Disc but they are currently $10 each.

Even with just one audio track it is 75 % and I do not think that it sounds right, with the movie only being 2 hours exactly. And I would try the DL media If I could. But my DVD player does not have that ability. If I could have a answer pertaining to my question about compression for this movie. For the other 2 hour movies, it would work at 100% with 2 audio tracks at least.

With menus, extras and all the trimmings, 75% is pretty standard for a 2hr movie. Personally, I just cut all but the one English audio track I want, cut all but the English subtitles, and use custom ratios (if you can do that in CloneDVD–I prefer DVDShrink, myself) to compress the menus and extras as much as I can…That being said, a 70% movie still looks good in my DVD player, so it’s not THAT big a deal for me…Just my $.02

I took everything off except for the movie. And 75% was with only the movie and 1 audio track and subtitle.

I am just trying to find out if CloneDVD is reading this right.

Maybe the movie has a high bitrate. In this case 75% is fine, the quality will be good. Just in case you didn’t know: 75% is the “Quality” not the compression.
It means 25% compression.

Thanks, I was not sure if a 2 hour movie could be bigger than a standard DVD. Thanks for the explination, I knew that it meant 75% of the original size.