Daxon az3 on liteon LH20A1H

I have a liteon drive L20A1H newest firmware.
When i burn daxon AZ3 media with it i have very bad scans on that media in nero cd speed is the score 0.
When i burn it with my benq dw1650 the scans are much better in nero cd speed 98.
Does de liteon drive not support the daxon media?

LL0C firmware has support for it up to 18x. How many times have you burned the disc with the 20A1H?

I have burned it once at 18x and once at 16x
both were bad burns

Maybe you can show us the scans, the score alone is pretty meaningless. Which speed are you scanning at? Also, I wouldn’t burn at 16/18x as you’re stretching the limits of DVD technology and today’s cheap media and drives.

Both not very good scans:

With my liteon

With a BenQ/philips burner.

Is this bad media or wath?

I would more likely suggest bad scanning practice with those resutls.

Scan at 8x and post the results. Scanning at high speed has never given me good results and usually shows a poor disc when its a good disc.

BenQ / Philips


Please can you try a scan on your LiteOn drive, at 4x? I say 4x because 8x tends to give me odd results.

I’m also not sure these days how BenQ drives deal with scanning newer LiteOn burns, there was quite a bit of discussion about it at one time.

Also a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) on either drive would be great. :slight_smile: