DaVinci Code Subtitles

I usually make a copy of the movie using AnyDVD and DVD Shrink . I like to re-author and take the movie and audio and put it on disc this ensures the best quality video. It always makes a perfect copy. I only have a problem with subtitles it seems if the subtitles are needed in certain parts of ther movie they don’t copy. When you watch the movie using DVD Shrink viewer the subtitles are never there. What should I look for and how do I get the subtitles on the movie… Thanks for your help…

I have been researching the same thing. I either get all subtitles or none with DVD Shrink. Not sure if changing subtitle tranparency in Anydvd will help or not… still new to here and any assistance will be greatly appreciated…

I made a copy of Divinci using dvd shrink… took out all subtitles.

and when the 2 french officer where talking i had nothing.

didnt think about it, just thought it was weird to have a movie like that.

few days later, i made another copy, only this time i left all subtitles in.

and when the 2 officers where talking again, the english subtitles where on the bottom.

So now i just leave all subtitles in.

I have over 190 movies burned flawless, and the way i keep excellent quality is i take out all audio except for ac3 5.1 english.

then i select the menu folder and make sure the audio is re-selected,

then i drop down to extras and insert a still image. this brings up the quality emmensly.

here is one of the screens i made and use.

feel free to use it.

also heres a list of movies i have burned using dvd shrink and anydvd.


hopefully this helps.


Thank you for the information . What I found is when I leave subtitles on you can not turn them off during the movie they are always there… This is why I take them out…

im wondering if that may be due to the dvd player…

I run a magnavox dvd player…

hmm very interesting problem.

let me ask you this have you tried clonedvd from slysoft?

The problem definitely is with DVD Shrink. I opened the file created with AnyDVD in Intervideo WinDVD4 and the subtitles came up just like the original ( only French and Latin dialog ). Since this is the AnyDVD forum looks like we need to look elsewhere. Anyone have suggestions?

drmmr298 & Ben647 –

As Forum Member voltagenh inquires in posting #5 have you tried the SlySoft/ Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD software program ?

Using the AnyDVD/CloneDVD Software program combination I did not have any problems making a backup copy of the DaVinci Code.


Thanks for the info Belooken. I have one more option to try in Shrink. If I still get poor results will try Clone trial period but am hoping not to have to purchase. If last option in shrink works will post back.

For this purpose I used RipIt4Me process with no trouble at all and the quality is also very good.

I have CloneDVD but find DVD Shrink to encode the movie better . Also it is a lot easier to understand what I am getting on the DVD when I reauthor. Like I said I extract the movie only and all necessary audios. I am a little confused on the subtitles but I did take the english subtitle and it worked for DaVinci Code with DVD shrink . If I added subtitles on all the movies it would always be on the movie and can not turn it off.

Thanks for your help…