David Beckham - is he going or staying?



All this transfer speculation has got me quite interested.

I think he will go; I hope so anyway - he is nothing about football and all about hairstyle and pop group wives.

I’d quite like him to go to Real - im sure he wouldn’t get on the starting 11.

I personally as a Man united fan, want fergie to cash in on him and buy some good footballers like Damien Duff and Ronaldhinio.


Its not Beckham who should go but that pillock in charge <> Ferguson

Great Manager Blx He has the richest team in Europe & in 18 years he has won the European Cup once (even then they were lucky)& its not down to the players (they have won enough Titles) its his stupid tactics

If U are an England fan (like me) Beckham must stay & Man Utd get a manager who will play him in midfield not out wide.:confused: :a


I think for 30million they’ve got to sell him. Football is more of a business than ever these days and you can bet the board/chairman will be rubbing their hands with joy.

Personally I prefer it when he isn’t in the England squad, as good a player as he is, we just rely on him too much. When he isn’t there we look creative and fresh


my favourite footballer going away to Barcelona . offer states that 30 Sterling Pounds . it is too good to refuse anyway if it was given to me.


i heard that he should be coming to italy… but maybe in spain they say he’s going there and so on :bigsmile:


and now he has a movie in his honor. is there a beckham cult? i want in.


Originally posted by ckin2001
and now he has a movie in his honor. is there a beckham cult? i want in.

hello ckin2001 , can you tell me the name of that movie??



its called bend it like beckham. not very good and very little to do with the footballer- its just about a Seek / Indian girl who plays football.


true-the movie aint nuttin to do with beck ham…but its still a darn good movie…


ur prayers hav been answerd…he movs to real…!!!