Daul Layer Burning Problems

i have just aquired a Dl dvd burner, the problem i have is, i can burn to a dl disc but the film stops half way through, i think this is were the layer break should be to tell the player to go the other way, if i press fast forward i can continue watching the film . the software tryed so far dvd shrink,clonedvd, dvd decrypt, dvd fab. also tryed in iso format and file format.

any help will be great, thanks inadvance.

what method did you use to burn the disc?

i have used read/write iso with dvd decypt and the same with shrink .

what kinda dvd player(home player) do you use and what brand of dual layer disc?

i have 4 dvd players (home) pioneer (£700.00 player),technika (£30.00 player), bush (£40.00 player) as for media i have used datatrax cheap i know and virbradata or something like that name.

I’m willin’ to bet podgothic that it’s the media.Traxdata is not the best.Go here and see what the reviews have to say.If your Pioneer doesn’t play it,then it’s the media.My pioneer dv-333 has played all 3 of my Verbatim(MKM…001) discs flawlessly.Also,make sure when you burn with decrypter,use 2.4x to be safe.

i can watch the verbatim disc that i burnt to the point that it needs to the other way, this is the problem i have now is that it stops and dose not contine by its self i have to press fast forward to continue watching the film. but anyway thanks for the help i will try other media that you have suggested.

you have verbatim discs also?

yes sorry my spelling is not great i’m a bit disleckit

make sure you have everything in the background of your PC turned off(unimportant stuff:i.e…virus scan etc…) and keep the burn at 2.4x.That Pioneer is a great player and should play it so it’s either the media or PC burning issues.I know that media is expensive also so take your time and don’t waste em. :bigsmile: What model burner do you use?

i think you heading in the right direction as for pc side of things , this is what i thought maybe the problem. the burner i’m useing is the new liteon dl i can get the numbers if that helps you in anyway.

yeah,what’s the model #?

Lite-on DVDRW SOHW-1673s

ahhh,new burner ehhh?Go here and here to see if there’s another solution for your DL problem.This is a pretty new drive so support from lite-on may be slow.Also,here’s a pic of my background processes and RAM usage.Mine is xtra low cause that’s the way I set it up.It doesn’t have to be this low but you get the idea.