Daul layer burners are not worth s.h.i.t

hi guys.

yep its true, not a nicle or even a cent! and believe me i have a very good reason to for saying this!

okay let me start from the biggining, first i had and still have a Pioneer 107D normal -/+ dvd burner and i have to say that its really good burner that has not failed me once!

but then i decided to get a daul layer burner so i can backupmore than 1 movie and the full xbox games ( i only burn my own copies so they dont get scrached) so i got a LiteOn 1633s, it was only £35 brand new from my dads work. anyway the first few burns were fine but then it just froze during the burning process! (nero6) i upgraded the firmware and it still didnt work! so i swaped it for a brand new one and guess what still freezing! and i dont live in an iglo so dont even bother asking! :bigsmile:

after alot of griff and mis-spent time i just sold my LiteOn and today i got a pioneer 108D and the girst three burn were fine but the rest just froze! so i tried Alcohol 120% and the first burn worked second didn’t and third did!

what the hell should i do?

any help will be greatly apriciated.

many thanks.

What brand media are you using?
Does it freeze when you are burning DL media or SL media, or both?

Ben :slight_smile:

no, lol dl media are too expencive!

i am using dvd-r by ridisc g04 dye.

i heard they are very good, any ideas?


Maybe you should try the LG 16x DVD burner, thats a wicked burner, with a wicked price.

Use better media.

(RITEKG04 is overrated and notoriously variable (read: potentially very poor) in quality.)

Buy either Ricoh or Mitsubishi 2.4x DVD+R DL media. I prefer Mitsubishi because it’s both cheaper and better for me.

I agree, media can cause your burner to freeze, regardless of what brand of drive you have. It totally blows when you gotta reboot cause you got a bad disc, but stick with TY and you will NOT have that problem. Unless of course your computer decides to crash cause yer using windows :slight_smile:

hi guys thanks for the help but there is just one thing…

i was not asking what new burner i should get a already spent £150 on dvd burners! hell why dont you just tell me to get a new pc that would work!

sorry im kide of pissed off becuase it doesnt work! and by the way i tested 2 media and both freeze! i dont know why its juts daul layer burners!

i would really like to solve this problem, i hope some one could help me.

many thanks.

If you want help, you need to post your system specs. System freezes are rarely cause by hardware, more likely to be software/drivers. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re using some 3rd-party IDE controller drivers, like Nvidia or VIA.

okay i got some were futher!

i tried to burn stuff with alcohol 120% and it works every time! why does nero not work and alcohol does, i rather use nero when making movies!

hey rdgrimes i understand you have a 1633s what exact version of nero are you using?

many thanks

Too bad u didn’t read the poll when u made the purchase : HAha
guess what BENQ seems to do the job

Is there no x4 DVD+R DL media?

Nope… but some burners allow to burn Mitsubishi and Ritek DL 2.4x disc at 4x.

yes there is.

i found out what my problem was, i updated nero to 6.6 and they both work! :confused:

so thanks

Glad you are OK. Your 108 is top of the line and should burn most good media with no problems. Too bad some BenQ people think otherwise. :confused:

I would look for Ritek G05 8X -R. Many have had very good burns.

Well I went out and bought the Sony external USB/iLink 16x DVDRW+/- Double Layer (!!) burner and encountered one problem after another. After making coasters out of two Verbatim DL discs, three Sony +R discs, several bad burns and erases of a DVDRW, a BIOS update, a firmware update, an ASPI fix, a Nero 6 update and even taking the burner back to the store to exchange for another one of the same model, I discovered my real problem: there’s something wrong with my Firewire/iLink/IEE1394 connection. Because when I used the good old trusty USB 1.1, it burns perfectly. Every time. Very slowly, but surely.

Any idea how to get my iLink working right and stable?