Dating sites

And again I’ve read everything. :iagree:

Btw, don’t react to seriously on my posts :wink: , but I’ve to agree that you say some wise things for a 14 year old. :iagree:

Try “Speed Dating”, works like hell… And it’s fun! See the girls in reallife, sitting on your table, have a chat and move on to the next… If you’ll have a good click, make a second date to a nice place…

More info about dating in the Netherlands:

have fun!

b.t.w. when you like to rush try this site:
(also has dutch members ;))

What are we? Cats?

That just seems a tad disrespectful.

You: “Yeah, I like ya heaps, but there’s another 30 chicks I have to check out tonight… might call you back if all the good looking chicks fall through

I mean really. There might be a few winners with all the numbers, and the majority are settling for 2nd/3rd/4th and so on.

That’s beyond horrible! You were right on when you said it was hell.

If you want to find someone decent, you have to look.
Often they’re hiding behind counters, or passing you your meal.
They aren’t necessarily out clubbing shaking their booty & passing their number, among other thing, to everyone that walks past.

A kind smile works best. And thank someone when they do something for you. It’ll show that you appreciate their effort, even if it is their job, and that you aren’t part of the “uncaring bastard” population that appears inhabits our cities.

OMG are you like 1/3 female I was thinking the same thing…its like a let me see what my chances are with EVERYONE else first and then I might get back to you…i really think that would be worse on the self esteem than online dating…but thats just MHO… Tax your putting way to much pressure on yourself…just walk up to a girl at a coffee shop…or book store…and say Hey you have such a pretty smile i just wanted to get to know more about you…

Yeah Tax… Don’t ever sell yourself short. Hell, last year an Austrailia tennis pro tried to pick up on me. I told him no! :slight_smile: LOL Just kidding, it was a girl, and she was hot. Unfortunately, I was already seeing someone else (BIG MISTAKE). But anyway, you never know when or where it will happen, but it won’t ever happen if you aren’t in the public eye. Just hang around people, be yourself (and be polite), and before you know it BAM…

Hah Bumhug! I just have the imagination to have empathy for other people.

And Da_Taxman, any responses?

We dutchies have kinda different coffee shops than you have. Everybody smiles there, not because they like each other, but because they like the lava-lamps :bigsmile:

/more serious/

The advice you give is of course the most normal and sane thing to do. Just speak up to someone and have a chat. Personally i don’t have any clue what i should talk about then; It may sound harsh and extremely arrogant but a lot of things really don’t interest me and conversations (even irc) seem ultra-slow. In the same time i’ve said a 100 words i can think a 1000 things. In effect most people do not interest me and most people are not interested in me as well. Artificially lowering esteem and expectaion doesn’t work either. Guess i’ll die being a hermit. Oh well; there are worse things on this planet.

Failing that, try a Vulcan mind melt :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that like the Lava lamps in Leisure Suit Larry7 - Love for sail?

Ha bumhug!
You just haven’t found the girl that can beat you in deathmatch yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to play Halo 2 deathmaches with one, but racing in a rally car would be even cooler. :iagree:
Oh well, it seems i’m changing to a more positive attitude more and more. Who knows the female population will start noticing me :slight_smile: Now i’m off to a BBQ.

At what??? Post count? Having a prettier daughter?

Hmm … BBQ’s.

Blokey Blokes hanging around the burner with beer in hand. Alpha Male with the Tongs. Don’t piss off the Alpha Male, he’s the biggest, loudest and generally drinks & punches the hardest.

Nerds (predominantly male) are in the PC room arguing over optimisation of the Alpha Males PC & internet connection. Don’t get between them and the mouse. Alpha Nerd is closest to the power outlet (aka: the real power there). Don’t piss off the Alpha nerd, or your phone will be re-programmed to play Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and your alarm set to 4.55am every day, and every time you attempt to change it, it will revert back.

Women will be inside, possibly the kitchen or loungeroom. Avoid the woman that knows the area. Tis the Alpha Males partner.

Also avoid the woman holding the remote in the loungeroom. She’s got bigger balls than Charles Manson. Possibly she wasn’t always a woman.