Date Verification Failed when burning- POWERISO

Hey Guys i just want to start off by thanking everyone reads this I appreciate your help…

im trying to burn using nero, its a date burn, but i get a data verification error when it gets to 100% anyone have any idea?

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What kind of “data” did you burn? Does this happen only when you burn images? What’s your burner model?
How comes PoweIso into picture.

Have you checked with CD/DVD Speed “ScanDisc” function.


i burnt a game that i have
and its a .daa file so i needed power iso
i extracted the contents and tried to burn thye folder using nero data disk,
i put down the slowest speed inserted the dvd+r and after 100% i get that error…

Use the original source and please read the forum rules, again.

What a very unusual way to try and back up a game! :confused: What you are trying to do, it will never work. :disagree: You will keep getting errors. You have to rip it with Alcohol or Clone CD and use the same program to burn the image back on DVD then it will work. :slight_smile: