DatawriteGold +R x8 ProDisc03 Experiences?

I have just ordered a whole load of these from ebuyer at a decent price of £10.56 Inc for a tub of 25. A lot cheaper than my usual supplier SVP who are selling at £16.99.

I have a NEC2510 and have had pretty bad experince with Datasafe Ritek G04s. Compared to these my budget Bulkpaq DVD+R x2 Prodisc02 did amazing burns with average PI at 10. So i have decided t o stick to Prodisc DVD+R.

Im hoping these will burn well like the Bulkpaqs did.
Anyone used these as yet ?? PI/PO charts to share ?

The actual MID is PRODISCR03
Do a search and you should find some scan examples.
These discs should do fine on the NEC 2510A if they are authentic. :iagree: