Datawrite Yellow



My ‘trade seller’ had no stock for me to buy today :frowning: and feeling empty without having a purchase in my hands I decided to pick up a pack of Datawrite Yellow 8x.

The dye is CMC MAG AE1

Reviews? Who knows anything about these? (They’re £1.50 cheaper than the media I have been using)



Take a look at the E-net products thread. :wink:


Hmm, maybe my new choice of disc - I use NEC 3500 drives so these should be pretty much perfect

Just as long as they don’t change the dye again before I use up all my RiDiscs :a (Although the guy I get them off always seems to have boxes of discs that were manufactured months before the sale date)


datawrite yellow with cmc mag ae1 dye should give you correct burn.


I got my Datawrite Yellow DVD-R from I usually use Ritek DVD media from UKDVDR but gave these a try for the hell of it, having never heard of CMC before i was cautious but so far they have been spot on. :iagree:


these are a top disk in their CMC MAG AE1 incarnation
if you are using a NEC3500, load up the benchmark Xtreme firmware and burn at 12x


As long as they are not printable they should be fine.


This is one of my all time favourite discs. I have bought lots. I have never had a coaster. I would recommend this disc to anyone.


I agree this is an excellent disc. It is certainly one of the best selling disc i stock. I sell lots of them and never get any returns back on them.


Dye of CMC MAG AE1 looks great burn @8x even @12x with liteon 1213@1653.–Unfortunately 4 months later these discs (sold under Philips brand,A’grade) stiil not recognized by home 2 DVD players at all.


I bought some Datawrite ones about 4 or 5 months ago and all of them are still useable. You should try them the ones with the code cmcmagae1 are gr8.


So,as usual, CMC’s quality control vary a lot !


i think its a bit better then the Ritek quality control though :slight_smile: . If i was asked to recommend a Datawrite product i would advise to buy the cmc manufactured one over Ritek manufactured. The amount of oem customers who who switched from Ritek to CMC is astounding.There has to be a reason for this switchover.


I agree that CMC is sometimes rough with there quality controle. However at least CMC is honnest about it. They won’t put allmost any bad disc down as fake when it performed bad. Also the facts as how CMC improved and is willing to learn and has allways been open to discussion really shows to me that there one of the better manufacturers.
For me CMC DVD recordables any day over Ritek. Also takeing the fact into account that I burned more CMC DVD disc’s as Ritek and I have had more problems with the few riteks I burned.

About switching. It might be the better price. Or it might be the better quality.
Or it might be the fact that CMC invested much more in 16x media production lines. Or it might be the fact that CMC allways tried to get there quality up to third parties approval standards. (Ritek these days suddenly tries to do this again after they lost a lot of OEM deals.)

Also I do have to say that I have seen more consistant results for E-net CMC own media as for the Ritek stuff. But then again this also counts for most other brands when were talking about 8x DVD-R and 8x DVD+R.


Totally agree. I prefer both CMC and Prodisc over ritek nowadays. (excluding CD-R, I still dislike CMC CD-R).

Let’s hope ritek could:
1: Improve general quality
2: Have quality consistency!!! Their products are too variable in quality now.
3: Work with drive manufacturers to get their media supported, especially Pioneer :wink:

But that was OT.

Look at how many OEM’s CMC have now; Verbatim, TDK, Philips, Fujifilm etc…


[QUOTE=OC-Freak]Totally agree. I prefer both CMC and Prodisc over ritek nowadays. (excluding CD-R, I still dislike CMC CD-R).[QUOTE]

Oc freak its nice to see we agree on something occasionally :slight_smile: What is your view on prodisc cd-r. how do you rate it over ritek?

[QUOTE=OC-Freak]Look at how many OEM’s CMC have now; Verbatim, TDK, Philips, Fujifilm etc…[QUOTE]

Lets not forget memorex, hp and imation, its almost like a who is who of top brandnames…

I see cmc shares are at an all time lower but they seem to be edging up worth a punt??


The Datawrite Titanium disks I’m using have the same dye and I’ve been extremely happy with them. Only had 2 coasters from a few hundred… and probably due to my own fault too!

Not used Yellow all that much, but I’m assuming they are very similar disks. Actually, they are the same price at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, this dye seems to have been one of the best so far and I’d highly recommend it.

(p.s Using NEC3520A to burn 'em)


hey guys i’ve been burnin yellow’s for a while now along wi other never really find a problem wi em and neither do any of my mates cept this one disc which didnt like being dipped in coffee( wonder why that was??) Think the dye is a nice one a pretty purple colour dark and mysterious but effective. Nahh i think the cmc dye on the back works really well. Anyway i think they a well good disc for the price only problem wi em is findin a supplier who isnt constantly sold out of the lil buggers.
anyway thats my 1 and a half cents
have fun burnin them


I would agree that the current ENET range gives much more consistent performance than that of any RITEK disc/brand.

I use a lot of +R and I must say that CMC +R give even better results than the a typical CMC DVD-R which we already know is better than ANY RITEK disc - especially their awful R0X series as it always burns at higher than the rated speed without any firmware hacks.

The only +R that RITEK ever did well was the RICOH series, god knows why they decided to change it. F.Y.I. Datawrite/Ridisc 4X +R from RITEK, with RICOH code works like at a gem at 12X!!

Admittedly, the CMC Printable still leaves a lot to be desired (like most manufacturers), but the best bang for buck in my opinion is DATAWRITE ORANGE +R MCC003 which is almost as good as the Verbatim 8X +R and burns at 12X on my NEC 3500.

Furthermore, I have to agree with OCFREAK when it comes to PRODISC :

Datawrite Grey with Prodisc F01 code is in my opinion just as good as the famous FUJIFILM003 and the PRODISCR03 (BULKPAQ 8X+R & DATAWRITE TITANIUM +R 8X) disc does 12X on my NEC3500 too with no problem at all and plays back in everything I own.


Does they really i dont stock them i will make sure and get some in. Tnx for the tip. :slight_smile: