Datawrite yellow problems

I have trie to burn Datawrite yellow -R, these do not play in my DVD player. Disc will play on the palyer on the PC. I have been given another make of -R recorded by a friend and these play ok. Same problem experinced with Hyuduai gold +R. I have tried DVD decrypter, shrink, and CloneDVD2 all the same. Anyone had similar problems any ideas anyone.

No shortage of complaints about E-net’s “budget” media. Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc, Rivision, White Label, Tuffdisc, ect. are all E-net labels. Hyundai isn’t any better as they are well known for fake Taiyo Yuden. I know they are more expensive but for those in the UK, I really recommend the 25 packs of 8x Verbatim Pastel DVD-Rs (made by Taiyo Yuden). About 6.49 pounds including VAT from SVP. Sure they are more expensive but then again what good are discs that don’t work? :wink:

Thanks for the info. It seems that reading further back similar problems with other cheap makes. You get what you pay for.

Any thoughts about traxdata? I used there DL discs and get perfect copies each time, are their -R and +R any good?