Datawrite Yellow Problems


I have a NEC ND2500 burner, when I using Datawrite Yellow 8x I can only burn at 4x. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Upgrade your firmware. Head over to the NEC forum and see what you can find.

Downloaded a couple of differnet verisons and get the following error message “Target NEC ND-2500A is not found correctly” anybody any ideas?

Try asking this over in the NEC forum, you’ll probably get more replies.

Isn’t DWY the brand that used Princo for their 4x discs and G05s for their 8x? I’d suggest that you use better media…

According to VideoHelp, the 4x’s were mostly RITEKG04 and the 8x are mostly CMC MAG. AE1. Not as bad as Princo, but still not the best choice.

It’s quite likely that the 8x media is Ritek G05 as most versions of the standard NEC firmware will only burn these at 4x. I had this problem with my 2500 until I switched to modified firmware.
With the CMC MAG AE1 media I’ve had some very good burns, maybe I had a good batch as I know others don’t recommend them.

I agree on the media. Anything by E-net is budget media and therefore not the best to use. However, a firmware update should be in order first before ditching the media.

Can anyone give me a detail instruction on how to upgrade the firmware. Thanks for your help.

my cmc mag ae1 seem to age very well (early days yet)