DataWrite - V2

Got a little question, maybe you can help me out with!
The thing is… i have been advised to use datawrite’s yellow DVD’s ( V2 )
with my ps2 dvds… they work great… but now the stores have NONE to sell
and since i have some stuff to burn… i checked out more brands… but
i came across Datawrite Red version ( V3 )
do you guys know of a difference? i mean. i know V2 is made by ritek, but know nothing about the red ones…
any ideas?

You want to know about the datawrite V2’s?

utter shite

The guy i get my media from wont even touch V2’s or V3’s

If you want G04 look for the traxdata 4x-r brand

As a matter of fact, my experience tells me Yellow V2 are worse than the Red ones V3. But this may also occur because of the different media codes used by each one.
If you’re uncertain of what to choose and cannot try the red ones, go pick other brand with ritek G04.