Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X

I have just recieved these disks from ukdvdr.

I read a review at

Which said they were MCC Mitsubishi Dye.

I used dvdinfo pro and the dye used is CMC MAG. AE1

                       Complete Media Code                           

00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 54 0D 0E .l…@…R…T…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 45 31 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 11 AE1…

I’m not sure if this is any better dye or worse,

Anybody got any ideas ?

I hope this helps anybody else on these disks



I’d send them back as you did not receive what was advertised. CMC dye is not as good as MCC.

Well, if they weren’t advertised by ukdvdr as being MCC it’s always a crapshoot for what manufacturer you get when ordering. Brands are known to change manufacturers, so they could have in fact been MCC last week but be CMC now.

From the looks of the product page, nothing is said about the manufacturer. I’d say contact the review site and tell them that you got CMC discs when you ordered.

After a check on several website.

  • :
    {DV 3184} Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25
    Launched in Dec 2004 using the latest dye technology.

These discs have a titanium (dark grey) coloured top surface featuring the Datawrite logo. The writing surface of the disc is purple.
Datawrite inform us that this disc is one of the toughest discs they’ve ever made. This claim is backed up by several pieces of technology.

  1. The dye is a of a high quality which means that all hardware will be able to make good quality, long lasting recordings of video/data/music.
  2. Datawrite have paid particular attention to the quality of the polycarbonate layer (the middle section of the disc). This will improve the discs long term performance.
  3. The top of the disc is protected by the titanium coloured top surface.

Suggested for use on the following hardware: Pioneer 103/A03, Pioneer 104/A04, Pioneer 105/A05, Pioneer 106/A06, Pioneer 107/A07, Pioneer 108, Panasonic E20, E30, E50, E100, HS2, Sony DVD+/-R drives,Plextor DVD+/-R drives, NEC ND-1300/2500/2510/3500, Liteon DVD+/-R drives, LG DVD+/-R drives and most other DVD-R writers and modern DVD players.
This disc is supplied to us in spindle tubs of 25.
Shipping cost will be calculated and displayed by the website before you finalise your order.

Flash (reviewer @ :

"My contacts at Datawrite have just informed that they are astounded with success of the Datawrite Titanium DVD-R (the disc is based on a Mitsubishi dye and CMC lead in).
They now plan to rush a full face printable version of this disc to the market within the next 2 weeks.

It’s a good job I have fitted up my Epson R300 with a Continuous Ink System it looks as if I will be needing it for the further testing of these discs.
Check out my reviews on DVD-Recordable for details of this disc as soon as I have samples."

lotteryloser (super-user):
"I thought mitsubshi’s lead in was MCC ,anyway lets hpe the printables are better than the datawrite full face fuji ones,they are crap,dye looks lighter as well and they result in random positioning errors all the time ,even my writers struggle to read them(sometimes they don’t)

In my opinion the datawrite fuji printables are not the same dye as the greys.
Anyway will get some of these in based on the views above but lets hope datawrite keep the fuji greys as they are not start messing about with the dye like they have done with the printables.
It seems datawrite have a habit of scewing up perfectly good discs when they feel like it and it’s us the end user who buys loads to find out they have messed about with the dye and made them crap."

toka (new user):
“These discs dont use Mitsubishi dye! they use CMC magnetics.
Datawrite are just saying this to fool people into thinking the discs are as good as verbatims.
Its not the first time a media company is riding on the back of anothers good name.
I wonder what trading standards or Verbatims legal department would have to say!!!”

Zidoac (Head moderator):
"And do you actually have proof of this accusation toka?

I think it might not only be Verbatims legal dept you should be thinking about.

Then again I’m sure we shall just have to see what the overall opinion of these are as you’re just one small voice in an ocean of many."

Flipper12 (banned by modérator):
“Not wanting to cause any friction here but I ordered some of these cos I’ll try any new disc & this is what I got ADVDINFO:CMC MAG. AE1, now as far as I’m aware this isn’t a Mitsubishi dye…”

The CMCMAGAE1 does not describe the dye it is the leadin code assigned to that particular media which identifies the disc and indicates to the DVD burner the correct write strategy for burning that particular disc. The dye formula is the actual recording layer and its actual formula is a closely guarded secret, and can be made up of a combination of dyes from various dye manufacturers. The stamper at the end of the production line burns the leadin or mid onto the media and is chosen so as to represent the best write strategy for that particular formula.
Just because the mid says CMC it does not mean it has less Mitsubishi dye in it than a disc that has the mid MCC. We have to rely on the manufacturer who places his name on the media to accurately describe the construction of the media. We all know of the mid TYG02 which was originally used by Taiyo Yuden on their premium discs and is still one of the best discs available but there are a number of small time manufacturers using this mid on their discs producing media of inferior quality, This mid is used purely to aid the burner to use the correct write strategy for that particular media. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous dealers out there who will try and sell this media as genuine Taiyo Yuden
If you dispute the statement that the Titanium discs contain Mitsubishi dye I suggest you separate the top & bottom layers (If you can) and have the dye analysed by an expert to determine the dye formula.
The mid code CMCMAGAE1 does not give any indication as to the construction of the actual dye."

my 2 cents => marketing sux

Flipper12 (banned blabla):
"so flash from what your saying, it dont matter what the leadin is as the dye could be anything??? surely that aint right when they advertise fuji dye or cmc dye or even mcc dye, what you saying is there could be any old crap dye on the disc but the leadin is telling the writer its a lot better than it thinks so?

and thats legal? surely not has somebody stole a leadin stamper and got stamp happy with a crap dye i ask myself"

I think the best way to know the true would be to ask to both CMC mag and Mitsubishi about the fact to use MCC dye with CMC lead in …

But if you want to use these dvd-r, check here

If you want to make sure you get MCC codes, buy Verbatim Datalifeplus (non-Pastels, the Pastels are Taiyo Yuden media, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X – The Worlds First Bullet Proof DVD!

  		 This  			disc has only been available for 5 days. Every customer that has  			bought this disc has raved about it, now find out what all the hype  			is about.
  		  			Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X – The Worlds First Bullet Proof DVD! 			
  	The Mitsubishi dye used on this disc is at the forefront of dye  			technology in the world today. It is 100% rock-solid in terms of  			compatibility and playback and is a whole generation ahead of any  			other disc in the market. 
  	Datawrite Titanium will set the standard for all discs to follow. 			
  	This disc is practically indestructible through normal usage
           [b]£5.79 (25 tub) = 23p per              disc[/b]

This the email I got from UKDVDR

So CMC is not the same as Mitsubishi? Why did they claim that these discs use Mitsubishi? I bought a tub of these after I got this email from them. Is this false advertising? Can I get my money back?

CMC is CMC Magnetics, based in Taiwan. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC or MKM) is an entirely different manufacturer, based in Japan. They do have business dealings as CMC does production for MCC, but in that case the discs should carry MCC media codes like MCC002 or MCC02RG20, not CMC codes. has now taken out the ‘mitsubishi’ from their web site for this dvd-r
It now reads ‘The die used’

Have emailed mitsubishi for any info they have

Disks have only been on the market for about a week so i don’t think that they have changed dies already ?

Cheers for all the replies & i hope this informs everyone about these disks

Methinks UKDVDR deliberatly lied to get as many sales as possible for a new product. Now that they have taken out ‘Mitsubishi’ from their description further supports this position.

Last time i use them!


edit: another site that lists them as mitsubishi

I usually get my discs from UKDVDR, SVP Communications and From now on I think Ill stick to SVP and!

P/s could I get my money back from UKDVDR? Problem is they have all been used up! Grrr

my email was unable to deliver to

Does anybody know another email address



Try the first email, it’s in england. Datawrite is a brand from england :stuck_out_tongue:

before u guys get upset at ukdvdr for selling u these disks. has anyone actually tried burning these disks yet? and if so were they any good? surely this is the most important thing.

the disks are cheap and if ukdvdr r to be believed this is the best value disk that money can buy.

ok ive read a thread on another forum. a user says that he has actually opened up the pack and used some disks. it also has some scans of the burnt disk. apparently these are working better than the Taiyo Yuden disks (which to date, were his best disks).

any one else have kprobe scans of these discs ?. are selling datawrite
titanium CMC MAG. AE1 as well. gonna buy more discs off svp soon but at the moment you don’t know if you’ll get discs with codes you want.

I’ve not burnt any yet, but looking at those scans they do look better.
What i was more bothered about was that they were advertised as MCC dies and when i got them they were CMC, & what i’ve read about CMC dies were that they were mediocre.

The CMC AE1 is quite a good dye and will give you reasonable results. Check out the DVD tests on this site.

As to the Datawrite Titanium Silver Plated Bullet Proof Indestructable Ultimate Discs… hahahahahahahahahha :slight_smile:

Really, Really funny. They are protected by a grey coat of paint on the top of the disc?!? :slight_smile: I suppose dark grey paint is much tougher than yellow or red?

These discs are good, they will not be in any way tougher or better than any other CMC AE1 disc.

Flash is very knowledgable but you have to take his reviews with a pinch of salt as all he ever seems to review are Bulkpaq and Datawrite discs, occasionly comes accross as a bit of a salesman.

As we’ve seen from the “fake TY”, the media code only defines the strategy the drive will use for it.

If it was a respected Mitsubishi dye, why the hell would anyone put a CMC media code to it, and and would it work that well anyway.

Some drive, the NEC it seems, do seem to handle CMC Mag AE1 well.

Fact is, Datawrite, Bulkpaq and most of the other cheaper media “brands” are just box-shifting rebranders, and even if you have a nominal media code identity for their Red V3, Yellow V2, Purple spotted etc., it may not even remain the same.