Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x problems?

Hi all,

I’ve bought Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R from SVP. I tried them in my Acard 1:1 duplicator 2022D model, with pioneer 122s reader and pioneer 108 writer.

My Acard 1:1 duplicator controller firmware has been upgraded to 2.08 latest version, pioneer 108 has been upgraded to 1.20 latest fimware. Have double-checked my duplicator set-up and checked master/slave setting etc.

Anyway, I’ve been using Datawrite Yellow 8x DVD-R with this duplicator and it works fine. Burn at speed like 8x, 6x, 4x without any problems, disc all play well with my Pacific 1002 dvd player bought from Asda.

However, when I try this new Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R yesterday & today, I experienced a very high level of failure rate, nearly most burnt have failed. It just fail at burning speed such as 8x & 6x, while my Datawrite Yellow can write at these speeds without problems, using exactly the same source dvd.

In order to get a good/readable copy, I had to burn at 4x with these Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R. It usually fails or simply refuse to burn when I set it to burn at 8x. While DVD-r burnt completely at 6x, they are simply unreadable on my Pacific 1002 dvd player. I can get them to play on my pc, only with a significant time delay.

My question is, why would these Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R perform worst when compared to Datawrite Yellow 8x DVD-R on my Acard duplicator?
Datawrite Yellow could burn at a faster speed and very unlikely to fail.
The reason why I bought the Datawrite Titanium Silver is that they must have been a newer type of disc, and indeed they are slighty more expensive than the Datawrite Yellow.

Any idea??



Sorry for you. :frowning:

SVP is selling these out at half price today. Sounds funny?

I’m a loyal SVP customer but I suspect these 8X Datawrite are very, very uneven in quality from batch to batch, and they try to get rid of their stock as soon as possible.

CMCMAGAE1 discs are a lottery these days, just as RITEKG05 discs. Datawrite is a brand that is good at marketing but not a reliable brand like Verbatim, Maxell, TY, Traxdata…

I think you can try to RMA these, SVP customer service is very friendly. They just added some TDK TTG02 8X, less expensive than Verbatims and certainly better than these Datawrites. :iagree:

Well, I have asked for an exchange with Datawrite Yellow 8X, have I done something right? as in my experience, Datawrite Yellow are pretty reliable.

Anyone had bad experience with Datawrite Yellow recently??

or should i request them to send me TDK TTG02 8X instead? although they have already sent me a confirmed RMA sheet…

Hi Francksoy

Could I just clarify that we are delighted with the quality of the Datawrite Titanium 8x DVD-R.

The reason we have selected them for the reduced price offer is because (IMO) they are so reliable and such good value. We value all our customers greatly so if there was a known problem with the Datawrite Titanium stock we wouldn’t be selling them off cheaply to customers (with whom we want to build a long term relationship). We would send them back to the suppliers and getting a refund/replacements!

The Datawrite Titaniums were excellent value at the old price of £11 for 50 but in order to keep the SVP warehouse busy at this quiet time of year we’ve turned them into a special offer at £5.99 per 50 (limited to 100 discs per order).

I understand your logic in thinking that we may be selling the Titaniums off cheap because they are faulty. It’s the sort of thing that some shops/websites do, but in this case nothing could be further from the truth. We specifically choose that product because we and our customers like it.

Gameplayers: We’ll happily swap the discs for you with all carriage at our expense. This is something we are always happy to do at SVP in order to keep customers coming back for more month after month, year after year. Faulty Titanium discs are rare, but of course it can happen, so as always at SVP we’ll happily exchange them for you.

Sorry for the long post but I didn’t want people thinking that the special offer discs were anything other than the normal high quality and fully guaranteed Titanium discs that we normally sell.

Steve - Owner of SVP

Hi Steve

i`ve burned a few of them (approx 30) with good results in both my nec 3500 & my liteon 1673s.


ps. i considered buying from svp for a while but only started after seeing you posting, i have so far made 2 purchaces and the only problem was that the Titanium full face printables were prodisc r03 & not the mcc003, which was disapointing at the time but my nec burns them lovely @6X but not my 1673s. which is not a problem as the nec is my main burner.

Hey steve, i plan on buying a couple of packs of these.

Never had any problems with SVP apart from a batch of 50 ridisc Xtreme printables (RITEKG05) that all had dye defects and all failed to fully burn on my BenQ 1620. But i have used RITEKG05 discs from SVP which were from Ritek and burned exellently.

Are these titanium discs CMC Mag. AE1 or MCC 02RG20? or is it just hit and miss?

The yellows seem to be listed as CMC MAG AE1 code, while the titanium are listed as

Two possible codes, and maybe it’s the other code, and a poor combination with that writer.

Ideally, all media should work well with all drives, and while that is often the case for a media with a well respected code and brand, it tends to be less so for anything that isn’t “double prime”, in the region of varability between the expensive excellence of genuine TY, and the absolute junk.

“We’ll happily swap the discs for you with all carriage at our expense. This is something we are always happy to do at SVP in order to keep customers coming back for more month after month, year after year”

:bigsmile: When I said their customer service was friendly… :bigsmile:

That’s the kind of attitude that makes me buy from SVP even when I can find the same discs cheaper at some other online store. Steve, I don’t know about others, but your strategy is efficient on ME. :flower:

But enough of this or I’ll be accused of sneak advertising :o


My philosophy is “stick with what works for you until it doesn’t anymore”. If you were happy with the Yellow Datawites, stick with them until you have no choice (need of more speed, out of stock, start to have problems…), unless you can afford rather more expensive medias (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell…).

Of course it’s always fun to try new discs (I LOVE to :stuck_out_tongue: ) but then why not go for test-packs (guess what’s the only place to find them :wink: OK OK I stop, promise :bigsmile: )

Hi Chancooluk

They all come from CMC’s production lines, but it is hit and miss which code you get. The latest delivery we’ve received also includes some TTG02 code.


Hi Ako

These are the {DV 3249} Datawrite Titanium (8x) ‘Full-Face Printable’ DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 100.
You are quite right, the dye on these is now Prodisc R03 and this is now correctly stated on the SVP website.


Prodisc dvd burn really well in my nec 3540.
Here a scan of datawrite titanium branded dvd +r

To all who are reading this thread,

I must say that SVP is one of the best company I’ve seen :iagree: with such an excellent customer service :clap: . They have already arranged a courier to come and collect my Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x, and would bring me Datawrite Yellow 8x, all in one go. :smiley:

Just received a dispatch confirmation e-mail of the Datawrite Yellow 8x as well.

Thank you SVP! :flower: and thanks everybody for helping.

Hopefully, the Datawrite Yellow 8x are going to perform well. :cool:

As a note: VERY MUCH of the prodisc printable media on the market is defective. The regular non-printable version is fine though.

So I guess e-net got some of this defective media for VERY cheap :wink:

Just an update: -

courier came monday morning, they gave me the Datawrite Yellow 8x, and collected the Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x.

The Datawrite Yellow 8x are doing great, so far so good. :smiley: Thanks SVP