Datawrite Titanium Full Face Printable 8x DVD+Rs jam dvd player!

Hi All,

I have confirmed now that the media Datawrite Titanium 8x Full face printable DVD+Rs (Prodisc Dye i think) jams dvd players! Well it jammed 2 ones that I own using back up copys of my dvd collection, The players that jammed were:

  • Phillips DVD/TV Combo
  • Black Diamond (Misubishi DVD player)

I used this media for ages with no bother, suddenly I’m noticing these strange problems, I have printed on “Full Face” the DVD label and I think the problem could be the printing surface however if these discs are marketed as “Full Face” I would persume a side effect like this should not be expected. Basicly if I put in the recorded DVD+R (Booktype set to DVD-ROM) and flick through ie scene by scene this could cause a jam also even playing the disc can, for the phillips I needed to remove the dvd tray to recover a home movie dvd so I am quite reluctant to use my backups or recorded dvds again.
I used a BenQ DW1640 to burn these discs and they all burn and play no bother, but with them jamming I would take this rather seriously.
If one on this forum could maybe help me solve this problem further, or if you could reccomend some media on THIS page I would be most grateful, even with printing full face I don’t see how that could cause a jam tbh,

Any help appreciated,

Thanx guys :slight_smile:


Sorry just to mention by jam, I mean the DVD disc doesnt eject when I press the stop/eject buttons, the tray comes out empty! The discs play fine but wont eject out :S No edit button so thought I’d mention this…

So the things are stuck in the player?
It doesn’t do that with other discs?
Well, printable surfaces may be slightly sticky. You might want to use color protection spray. Maybe this can help.

The infiniti media i used before didnt stick though (Standard not full face printable), yes they just stick in the dvd player, even if i try leaving it to pause for a few secs, still sticks, one thing i noticed is if i put a disc in a plastic sleeve you do notice the sticking alright, you can also notice the discs stick sort of together in the spindle, would other media be less sticky? I dont want to spray or anything like that :wink: Id rather not use printables if that would be the outcome :wink:



If you use DECENT media it doesn’t stick. My Ricoh and Ritek printables don’t stick.
The stickiness would be a reason for RMA!

Had them for ages, will use them for backup, thanx m8, it wouldnt be the ink at all, no? The discs do stick on the spindle,


Ridisc Full Face Printable (8x) DVD+R in a Tub of 50

This 8x disc has a “Full-Face” printable surface-meaning you can print on the disc right up to the centre of the disc.

Would these do the job?



I don’t think those would make a difference nick as they come from the same company that makes the discs he is having the problems with.

Would go with KG’s suggestionf of the colour protection spray (krylon, Pressit Sprayfix, etc) as these should help remove the stickiness.

Maybe also try reducing the amount of ink that is put on the discs by your printer, as this could be an issue.

You may also try some Verbs or other decent media. :slight_smile:
(Note: Ridisc, Rimedia and Rivision are imposter brands from E-net. Only Ridata is really from Ritek. :))

I will go for non - printables in the future, these I will use for back ups :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys :wink: