Datawrite Titanium 16x DVD-R (TTH02)

Just bought 25 pk of Datawrite Titanium 16X DVD-R (TTH02). Just done my first DVD Backup burn at 16X in Nero and run a data verification and done it all in 10 mins, which i thought was quite good. Anyone else had good results with these discs, or anyone had problems ?. Just wanted to know before i invest in a 100 pk.

Just done a Disk quality With Nero 6 and disc quailty came back at 94%

Hi jppackham this is just a helpful hint:

To save a quality scan: click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the window. Save it as PNG (NOT jpg because with scans the quality is worse and the size is bigger).

When you put the scans onto cdfreaks use the “manage attatchments” button when submitting a post to upload the scans. Much easier than using photobucket.

Your scan isnt great, i would like to see a full burn scan though, as it seems the quality is getting worse as the scan goes on. This might make the end of the disc unreadable.

Also, with Datawrite, one batch of discs could be great, another could be crap.

I agree looking at the scan it seems as the burn goies over 8x the quality degrades very quickly i sugest that you try burning at 12x or 8x for a better quality burn.

Heres what you want your disc to scan like not a full disc mind. Its a mcc003 but not a verb a datawrite i think.

7 year old thread, I know, but…

A friend burned me a game 5 years ago in a DW Titanium, and it still reads fine :smiley:
I’ve also got some 7-8 year old Princos that although scratched still read fine.

They probably even weren’t written in slow speeds, I believe the trick is to store them in good conditions.