Datawrite Scribbles 8x DVD-R - Crap?

The popular Datawrite artist collection is now available in DVD-R. Using the same well known dyeas the Datawrite Red 8x these discs will fly out the door.

I was thinking of ordering some for £9.99 special offer, but the phrase “Datawrite Red” put me straight off.

So any good or absolute rubbish?

where is this available from? im not sure i’d trust them

The only “Datawrite Red” 8x disc on VideoHelp appears to be a fake TYG02. I’d certainly stay away!

These are infosmart, fake TYG02 or MCC02RG20.


No wonder they’re trying to get rid of them :disagree:

I bought a 100 pcs spindle thinking they were true mcc as datawrite titanium seems to be. They have MCC02RG20 id but i realized they had the same code in the inner ring as those fake verbatim “dvd-r M-803” i think.

They are infosmart i hope those dvd could last long.

Anyone here had any bad experiencies with infosmart discs? Mine seems to burn fine even the scans are not good, but i dont know if they will last long.


Some datawrite red also carry a (true?) Ricohjpnr01 code.

I havnt had any problems with infosmart discs. As long as the faked ID’s are swapped for an infosmart write strategy, then i think they burn as well as id expect them to for the price.

The discs generally dont scan as well as more expensive dvd’s, but transfer rate and dvd compatability (at least on mine anyway) appear to be good enough, i have also not experienced any of my infosmart/faked dvd’s degrading over time.

I am completely against them using faked ID codes, surely most dvd re-writers have an infosmart strategy in their firmware? I think its pointless to put on a strategy like mcc02rg20 and tyg02, which are high quality, on a lower quality disc because its just gonna fail, infosmart are pretty dumb.

Yes, these are the only good quality Datawrite Red discs, and are indeed true Ricohjpn01

Ive been unlucky enough to get a sample batch of 100 of these from a mate.
On first sight the discs seem quite funky and the designs are nice.

Firstly i checked the undersides of the discs for any problems. Every disc in the pack was covered in dust but that was easy enough to wipe off. About 50 of the discs have scuff marks and scratches on the edges, thats half of the discs!

The discs use MCC02RG20 as the MID code but are obviously not MCC02RG20 as there is no serial on the discs. When burning at 8x on my BenQ 1620 the discs fail at 1%, with WOPC OFF the discs complete with an average burn rate of 3.27x and the quality is terrible, making the discs unreadable.

I tried the INFOSMART01, and INFODISC R20 write strategies and the discs still fail with WOPC ON but work at 8x with WOPC OFF and the quality scans are a huge improvement with both strategies. Discs with INFOSMART01 and INFODISCR20 strats play perfectly in my Panasonic DMR-E55

These are the worst quality discs that i have come across! And this includes 01ne moviestyle, Bulkpaq, Laser…etc. Nobody should ever buy these discs! :Z

Here are the scans: (BenQ 1620, Wopc off)

  1. At default strategy (MCC 02RG20), 8x (average 3.27x)- read error
  2. INFOSMART01 Strat, 8x - Acceptable read curve
  3. INFODISC R20 Strat, 8x - Very Good read curve
  4. Disc With Scuffed edges, INFOSMART01 Strat, 8x - Fails to read end of disc