Datawrite-R Yellow 8x



After having no visible play/read-back issues with Datawrite-R Yellow 8x (written at 8x in my 1653S, media code TTG02, TDK Corp.), i’ve just done a scan and I have to say it looks poor. What effects in play-back and lifespan can be expected from a scan like this?


What effects in play-back and lifespan can be expected from a scan like this?

Zero and non :Z

Id have to say, you better get a priest cause that disc needs its last rights. :eek:


Wow, that 1st part is REALLY BAD. And I have heard Datawrite DVD’s are pretty good? (At least certain ones?) Wish they sold Datawrite in the U.S. Alwasy like more choice. :iagree:


Time to hope that whatever is on that disc you have not erased as of yet, cause it is dead. All that will happen is the disc will degrade further…does not seem possible but it will haha, and you will be in the “no disc in drive” error zone


No you don’t. Whoever told you Datawrite DVDs are supposed to be good clearly has never done an error rate scan. Over on another site I visit, I get nothing but complaints about these and that isn’t even from error rate scans (compatibility issues). Datawrite is the same company that produces Bulqpaq (better known as Bulqcrap) and their quality is all over the place. Sometimes their batches are highly compatible media. Others have worse compatibility/error rates than Princos. It is really a big gamble/crapshoot.


Ugh, Princo… My 1st DVD-R media. Almost gave up on DVD-R cause of Princo. They are THAT bad, huh? (the Datawrites). Do they even make Princo anymore? (hope not) :slight_smile:


Bad news for Datawrite then. Its a shame really - sometimes you can get good results from them but it seems very hit and miss. I have sent them an email linking to this post so I’ll be interested to see if they reply!


If their TTG02 isn’t a “fake” media code, I’ll eat my hat.

Their 8x -R “Titanium” (CMC MAG AE1) does ok in drives that like CMC MAG AE1
And their old +R 8s (Prodisk R03) was an adequate example of the media code - not sure thier MCC 003 is up to scratch for that code though


Are TTG02’s Taiyo Yuden? Also on futher testing, these 8x discs burn much better at 4x…


TTG02 is a TDK media code.


On further testing, heres the same media writen at 8x in the Pioneer - maybe the lite-on has an issue with these?


The Pioneer and NEC will almost always give you better burns than the Lite-On. :wink: Pioneer or NEC for burning, Lite-On for scanning.


After doing lots of tests over the past few days, I feel we may owe an apology to the Datawrite yellows. The discs burn perfectly on the pioneer at 8x (PI <35) and even at 12x max PI is 160. The lite-on gives 1600+ PI on any speed over 4x, normally resulting in an un-readable disc (although 4x produces a great scan). Can any other lite-on users post there results from this media or have any ideas how to get better writes?


I recall seeing mention that Liteon’s TTG02 strategy is poor, maybe the TYG02 would swap better, probably Liteon’s best -R strat.

I wonder if Liteon’s P-CAV mode on DVD-R is fully developed - 1633S BS0S may do a better job at Zone-CLV (I’m assuming that, as it’s not shown here - the 8x speed would start off the same as the 12x, plateau’d out sooner).
The 8x -R strategy of the 1633S is fairly conservative - maybe it needs to be!