Datawrite problems

i have a toshiba 5002 dvd-writer, i use datawrite classic 2x dvd-r (grey top) media, when i write at 2x i get crap playback results sometimes unreadable at the end of the discs.
but if i write at 1x most play perfect.

what is the point of forking out money on 2x writer and media if it dont do what it is supposed to?

verbatim much better results after 2x burn, does this mean i need to purchase top quality discs if i want to write at 2x ?

also i started purchasing the datawrite classic 2x as there was a lot of positive news about the disc, is anyone else having this problem?

or do you think it is just crap media ?

please reply.

You probably got princo discs…yes, you must use good media for 2x writing.

no, the disc reads tdk dye(datawrite classis 2x). dont know why, tdk would’nt let datasafe use their dye would they?

Then you have Princo media with fake TDK manufacturer ID which are even worse than the usual Princo media so yes, they are crap.

do you think i should try some ritek discs and will they write correctly at 2x do you think?

thanks for previous reply.