Datawrite Premium Printable "TTG01" @ SVP



As I required some printable media, I took the opertunity to buy some of the new Datawrite Premium Printable discs from SVP at a cost of £5.49 inc. VAT when you buy 4 packs (each pack has 25 discs) or more.

I recevied them today and to my surprise they are TDK TTG01 dye, a dye that I have never used before. I have burned 5 dics so far with no problems at 4x does anyone know if these discs can be burned at 8x? I am using a Pioneer DVR-108 with firmware 1.14.

Also has anyone esle bought these discs and received a different dye type, I have 20 packs to go through so I hope these are good!!!

Any useful input or information is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The Pioneer drives don’t overspeed 4x media with stock firmware, though there may be hacked firmware to allow this. Frankly TTG01 doesn’t burn well at 8x from the tests I’ve seen done on the ND-2500A (which natively burns them at 8x).