Datawrite Optima Blue 8x RITEK G05 DVD-R and Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X DVD-R




Can anyone tell me if these are any good for the 3500?

Datawrite Optima Blue 8x RITEK G05 DVD-R
Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X DVD-R

The Datawrite Titanium Silver 8X DVD-R are MCC dye, doesn’t say what code though.

I can get a 50pack of them for about £11 each, so looking to find out if they are ok.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Ritek G05 is decent, but never buy a product without be certain about lead-in code.

Titanum in 25 pack are cmc mag ae1, titanium in 50 pack are TTG02 but that may vary.


I’ve just bought a 50-pack Datawrite Titanium (CMC MAG AE1) and a 50-pack Datawrite Blue (RITEK G05) Both produces great results with my NEC 3500 - when scanning with my LiteOn 166S the PI value stays below 4 as it should. Maybe the Datawrite Blue media produces a slightly better result - but both medias gets my recomendation - especially taking the low price into consideration.


On svp titanium are different now :confused:

Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50


Thanks for the info. Here’s the link to the site that says the Titaniums are MCC.

Is CMC and MCC the same thing?

TTGO2? Is that good?

Still quite new to this lol.

Might get one of each since they are cheap.



CMC are making a lot of media for companies at the moment, and are supplying some discs for MCC at the moment.

There is a variation in quality at the moment, but that is a risk you accept when you buy discs from the cheaper end of the market. You’ll probably get discs that work really well, but there is always the chance that the discs might not work(But that is the same as 99% of media out there)

Only thing I would say for certain is that the Optima Blue is a horrible colour :slight_smile:
Oh and the Datawrite Titanium spiel is hillarious


I use
datawrite/datasafe/yellow/titaniums CMC MAG AE1, and they all burn perfectly at 12x
Datawrite Blue g05 also work very well at 8x on my 3500 Quikee Xtreme v3 firmware.

Never buy media from suppliers that can not (or will not) provide the Media ID of the disk.


Yeah but SVP has the media code for Datawrite Titanium Silver as TTG02.


look a bit further down the list!
I would buy these at £1 a tub cheaper and are exactly the same quality, I burn loads of these at 12x, no failures AT ALL so far (touch wood)
{DV 3179} Datasafe Printable 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25 £3.98



I got a deal that got me 100 of the Titaniums and 100 Ritek CDR’s and a free carry case (lol) for about £35.

Seemed an ok deal lol.

I didn’t take much of the stuff said about the Titaniums on the shop, I just wanted to know if they were good, that’s why I posted here instead of going by the hype and sales pitch.

Thanks alot everyone!


Hope, for good luck in burn !


Here some more information from an independent site:

Especially the fact that they sell different kind of MIDs in one spindle makes it fishy…


this is not a thread about “Tuffdisk”


Datawrite Titanium Silver maybe also ProdiscF01 as sold here.


Sarah, do you work for E-net? Just curious. I have been made privy to some very nasty info about them. It sure would explain alot about your posts. Then again you could just be very lucky with them. :wink: Anyways, since Tuffdisc, Datawrite, Datasafe, Bulqpaq all come from the same place with the same questionable quality standards, then I would say that the info about “Tuffdisc” is VERY relavent to this thread. They are distributed by the same people and they both promise the same thing. :wink:


I don’t work for anyone in the media distribution business, but I have been badly let down by media from one of the suppliers, and have found media from the other to be very reliable.
There are only really 2 distributors of media in the UK, (and a couple of very small players). Most of the negative comments about one of the suppliers were originated by the other supplier, who found they could no longer complete on a level playing field. You are unlikely to have been made “privy” to anything but a load of lies.
I don’t think duff media is anything to do with truely independent distribution companies (but 1 of the big UK players is partially owned by one of the manufacturers and only distributes their products), the responsibility is that of the manufacturers. The factories should not sell anything except grade “a” media, selling something they know not to work properly is against the law in the UK. I really don’t care about the price of media, I just want it to work, and keep on working for a reasonable time (10 years is a nice round number)

I have clearly stated my media of choice. It comes from one manufacturer, that has never let me down (so far). I don’t care whose brandname goes on the disk. (PS I don’t work for CMC either)

And one final thought
If someone like SONY started selling their rejects through a company like DIXONS/COMET/PC WORLD who would you blame when the product failed after a short time. Manufacturer or distributor? (I know who I would blame)


If you say so. :wink: Anyways, you have just confirmed my suspicions, thanks. :wink:


Do you work for Conexx?
It would explain a lot of your posts


Not at all. Okay, so maybe you don’t work directly for E-net but you could be working for a business that is affiliated with them and distributes alot of their junk. SVP, maybe?


do you not? well how do you know so much about them then? the average well versed burner would not know the intricate aspects of the media business that you possess. you have such accurate knowledge yet you spam the forum telling all to buy enet landfill material? now it does not take a scientist to work out that 2+2 = 4 yet here you are telling all that will listen that 2+2 = 734 , someone with all your accurate knowledge?

fishy? i smell a whole oceans worth!