Datawrite MCC03RG20 cheap & good



Hello! I found this cheap disc, they are real MCC, and they are Prodisc. I know Datawrite is B-Class discs, but I am satisfied with this… I burned 3 discs, and results are similar. What do You think?


Typical results for Prodisc-made MCC 02RG20. I’ve reversed my previous opinion and prefer the CMC-made ones now, but those aren’t bad.


Datawrite - these discs will not be allowed near my burners, that’s for sure :wink:


From what I’ve read, the Datawrite Titanium 16x DVD+R full-face printables, MCC004 by Prodisc, are quite good.


Infiniti MCC are some of the best MCC I’ve ever used, and my results with Infiniti CMC MCC 03RG20 are outstanding, and they were cheap too :iagree: