Datawrite Mach 4 DVD-R (fake MCC 02RG20)

Matshushita DVD-RAM UJ-850 at 4×, 3883 MB burned

sold as "Datawrite Mach 4, DVD-R 8×
fake MCC 02RG20

Hmm. A Hong Kong fake.
I didn’t expect this to happen with Datawrite though. I know that E-net sucks and that they’re using B-grade CMC, but I didn’t expect E-net to use this kind of bad media! Guess I’ll have to remove these even from my list of “B-grade media for burning stuff for friends”.

Datawrite MACH 4 => infosmart !

If you really want to use E-net media buy Datawrite Titanium which should be CMC made A-grade media.

The key word being “A-Grade” - SVP reports tend to show otherwise.

The normal Datawrite DVD-R 8x are meant to be A-Grade CMC discs…but people here say different :confused: