Datawrite Grey FUJIFILM03 Where?



Where in the UK can I buy this phased out media cheaply? I know places still sell it. I know they have replaced it with Prodisc F01’s. But I want to make sure I get the old FUJIFILM03’s that are still available for a good price.


have’nt herd of any datawrite gray fuji dye for a long time a month ago remember a site selling them for 9 quid for 25 tub :frowning:
aprmedia claim to sell fuji dye philips 25 tubs & fuji 10 tubs & intenso 25 tubs might also be checked vid help a while ago & the only 8x speed’s showed up as fuji


apr sells Fuji labeled TY discs for decent prices. Just have a look at their +R media. :wink:


Datawrite Grey never were Fuji dye only a Fuji Mid


That may be the case but they still rock. I only have a few left and they burn great @ 12x. I want some more.


I wonder were you got that info from.


The same person who defends and reviews all there media products :eek: