Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R £7.99 for 25 at SVP

Just ordered 50 :bigsmile:

Have you used these before with the nec.
I tried using them with the 2510 and got errors off the scale at the end of the disc.
Playback was awful too.
However, if I burned them with my pioneer 107 they worked well.
I hope you have better luck with them than I did.

i used over 150 of these with my 2500@2510 and they are perfect. very low kprobe scans.

What firmware are you using on the 2500. As I like the price of these disc’s.


I used the standard firmware on the 2510, which is 2.15 if I remember correctly.
I tried several times to get it to write these discs as I had heard good results. The fact remains they didn’t work for me for some reason.

What speed were u burning at?

These did not burn for me either @ 8X using Herrie 107v2b4 only 4X which is fine for me.


i get all mine to burn at 8x, all from svp and very low kprobe scans with herrie latest.

Here’s one for you i just did:

My experience of these on the 2510a with stock 2.15 firmware is also very good, perfect burn @ 8x. Buy them!!!

Herrie’s beta 4 didn’t increase the burn rates for any media. You need beta 5 for that.

edit: Sorry, I was thinking of beta 6.

I burn these media @ 4x and get a smoothish CD Speed graph. 8x it gets a little wobbly.

I treat them as good 4x media.

Ive written about 5 of a 25 pack at 8x - decent results so far

Been using these for a few weeks now (after spotting an original post by DeadMan - cheers) and have burned 75+.

When I received my first batch I posted some tests using my NEC2500A - my Liteon 441S@811S hated them - and still does.

Here’s an updated KProbe - not scientific I know, but comparatively speaking these disks give 100 times better results than the Ritek -R x4 (and x8) I had been using. Compatability with standalone DVD players is equal to, if not better than, the Riteks - and the quality seems to be more consistent.

With burns like this one I know which media I’m sticking to!!

I tried @ 8x
I was using latest nero (6.3.17?) which should be ok and I also tried clone dvd2.
The drive was recognised correctly each time, just the writes were crap.

well i got 2 nec 2500@2510 the one drive has the ear jack etc and burns terrible to them the other drive has no ear jack and burns excelent to them at 8x , i just do what most peeps on here do and treat um as good 4x disks

REDBULL :slight_smile:

Just goes to show one NEC 2500 is not as good as the next. Should RMA the bad one.

If I can burn at 8x then all well and good. If not then I still have some top notch, cheapish 4x media - waiting another 10 mins for a burn to finish doesn’t really bother me.

Happy days all round!

Funnily enough, the one I had , had an earjack.
Could this be a trend?