Datawrite DL

“Never buy media from Ebay”, why not? There are lots of reputable Ebay sellers who sell genuine A-grade media. You just have to find them [I]and[/I] enquire about the discs you’re thinking of buying. I’ve always said on this forum that you always have to enquire (e-mail, call, fax etc) if you’re looking for genuine A-grade media from web retailers.

I bought me some Verbatim Pastel CD-Rs from Ebay just a couple of weeks ago. The guy selling them said they were genuine TY. I enquired, enquired and enquired and finally decided to buy them. I checked them out when they arrived and they turned out to be 100% genuine.

I can post the link if you don’t believe me.

I like to agree.

Ditto. I know from buying other stuff that there are some very good and trustworthy sellers on eBay - but with media or drives, still I wouldn’t like to take the risk. But hey, that’s just me.