Datawrite DL

I saw they’re cheap. Are they any good maybe better than ritek ? Or is it better if i stick with verbatim. To use with nec 3550

10:1 they are Ritek or even worse B grade or C Grade knockoffs. Definitely stick with Verbatim, they are second to none for D/L media.

The problem with verbatim d/l is that in europe they still cost around 7$ each

The problem with ritek DL media is that many burners have trouble burning them and turn them into coasters. Those that can still burn them with quality far worse than verbatims. Even Ricoh DL is better than Ritek.

The extra money is worth it in the end, as your almost guaranteed to get coasters with them Datawrite Ritek DL discs (which means that you would have spent your money for nothing).

The discs might be CMC Mag D01 which i have also had trouble with, but nowhere near as bad a Ritek DL Media.

Verbatim is the only DL brand that i have had no trouble with.

I cant be bothered to scan them so let me just summarize my experience with DL media.

Listed Best to Worse

Verbatim: 15 out of 15 Discs all burned very well and play well
Ricoh: 3 coasters of of 10 discs
CMC (Datawrite): 6 discs out of 10 were coasters
Ritek (Traxdata): 10 discs out of 10 were coasters (all fail to read after the layer break)

Europe in dollars? You mean maybe euros! :slight_smile:
I don’t know where are you from europe but actually you’ve here Verbatim DL for
3.59 + shipping costs maybe interesting for you

Thanks didn’t know that shop i usually buy from Nierle where they still cost 6€

Cheap and crap DLs.

well heres a scan of these discs, i just bought some from svp. Think i will be contacted them to see if i can get refund. £20 for 10 discs of this quality is daylight robbery.

Burnt in my BenQ 1620 B7W9, with ImgBurn
Datawrite Printable Double Layer (2.4x) DVD+R


Not even that bad like I feared, but at the layer break it’s a horror thing. :frowning:

It’s not always the media’s fault, you know.

Given the reality of DVD burning, I’m not sure it’s right to expect a seller to take media back unless it’s physically damaged in some way. Just my $.02. CMC DL is brand new media, I doubt many burners are ready for it.

I’m sorry, but two Benq 1640s I tried sucked at DL writing. I got an NEC to replace it and have been much happier. I don’t trust Benqs with DL media.

It’s not a new type of media. I’ve seen it used in reviews 6 months ago. It might even have been Datawrite DL used for that review if I remember correctly. I don’t remember which review exactly, though. It just isn’t popular. Infomedia also make DL media, but that isn’t common either.

going back to my scan, the disc reads fine in a crappy tv/dvd combo and playbacks fine during the layer change.

Re-scanning the disc on a nec drive to see if the results vary at all.
As you can see, the transfer rate scan is fine, but the PIE/PIF scan is terrible. Is it worth keeping this disc or binning it?

I also purchased some of these discs, branded as DataWrite Titanium. I’ve only recently had chance to test them out as my NEC has no write strategy for them as yet.

I’m fairly happy with the write quality in general. Although the jitter and PIE at the layer change rise sharply they play just fine in all three of my standalones.

Burned at 2.4X WOPC on

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I have stayed away from dual/double layer medias as much as possible purely due to the expense.

May I ask what you will be using dual layer disks for? Data or video?
If video I would recommend shrinking the DVD to <4.38GB and burning to single layer instead. The cost of one Verbatim double layer would buy me around five single layer Taiyo Yuden’s.

If you definately need the extra capacity on a single disc sell sample packs containing double layer disks from cheaper brands with various different MIDs. You could then purchase a larger quantity of the discs that work well with your NEC.

Great result with the BenQ!!

£20? u were robbed on the price mate, you never looked on eBay for them? much cheaper. i bought some yesterday for £12.99 for a 10 pack. shop on eBay was bargainmedia4u.

as for the quality, they work fine. i think sometimes there are a lot of people out there who are afraid to upgrade their firmware in their drives to deal with new media products. i know it doesn’t always work perfectly (i remember the pain with Pioneer 109’s), but if you want good results then you need to be up to date. i got them going fine on xbox 360 as well.

heres the link


Never buy media on eBay.
There’s too much B-grade and fake media around there.